Fun Test: How Many Birds Can You Find Among the Cats? | Most People Can Find It in Seconds

Fun Test: How Many Birds Can You Find Among the Cats? | Most People Can Find It in Seconds

Test your observational skills by looking for all the birds among these animals. Puzzles can be unexpectedly fun.

Who doesn't like cats? Or puzzles? Well, you could be saying lots of people, but when you combine the two, the result can be quite fetching. Visual puzzles are fun to do and they help pass the time during this lockdown period when we are stuck at home. If you have run out of recipes to make and are just done baking your 50th batch of bread, take a rest from creating something. Instead, indulge in this puzzle and help your mind focus on what is present right in front. Most of us have been worrying over and over about our health and safety, and while we are doing the best we can, like keeping our masks on, it can feel like it's not enough.

So, here is a puzzle for you to search for the birds in the midst of the cats. There are many perks to doing puzzles, like improving memory, better problem-solving skills, improved visual-spatial reasoning, increased IQ, delayed dementia and Alzheimer’s, and a lot more, according to USAToday. There are no direct studies linking the two diseases mentioned with puzzles but there are studies that have proven that brain exercises aka keeping your mind active help in reducing the decline in thinking skills, according to Dementia.org.au.

So, here's a puzzle for you. Locate all the hidden birds among the cats. How fast can you do it?

Source: Illustration

Did you find all of them? It might take you a while. Do you need a clue? There are more than six birds in the image.

Did you find at least six? If you need more help, here is a BIG hint. We have located at least five birds hidden in there for you. Did you find them all by now? If not, keep looking.

Source: Illustration

There are ten birds hidden among cats in this image. If you haven't found them all yet and want more time, don't scroll down. If you are ready to see the solved puzzle and see if you got it right, head on down.

Answer key:

Source: Illustration

If you would like to try more of these puzzles, you can try and locate the number of squares in this image, or you can try and spot the cat among the buildings here. You can also test your observational skills by searching for the right number of animals hidden in these photos. Or, you can look for the dog hidden among the polar bears.




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