Fun Test: Can You Locate the Snake Hiding in Plain Sight Amidst the Trees and Birds?

Fun Test: Can You Locate the Snake Hiding in Plain Sight Amidst the Trees and Birds?

Visual puzzles are great for grandparents and grandchildren. Why not use them to help the two groups bond?

Visual puzzles can play an important role in keeping our brains active. With digital media available to us, we don't have to solve 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles to reap the same benefits. Whether you're looking for puzzles for children or for adults, they are great to exercise your cognitive skills. Puzzles have apparently been in existence in different forms since ancient times. Puzzle jugs date to the 1700 BCE in Cyprus, and magic squares were introduced in China around 700 BCE, they are also mentioned in the Bible, as per the GoodNet.

Jigsaw puzzles were invented by John Spilsbury in 1767, while crossword puzzles were first published in 1913, and the Rubik's Cube was created in 1974. Since then, there have been many variations of puzzles, and each of them might appeal to a different set of people. From what we know about them, they are good for exercising both sides of our brain, the logical and the creative, making it a complete mental workout.

They also enhance our memory by reinforcing the different connections between the cells. Puzzles also force us to remember shapes and colors, and visualize pieces. They can help senior adults keep their cognitive skills up and running, apart from teaching children the same things. It can be a great way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond.

So, here is a visual puzzle from Gergely Dudás - Dudolf. The illustrator likes to create many visual puzzles for people of different ages. In this green jungle, there are many animals and reptiles. The challenge here is to find the snake.

Source: Gergely Dudás - Dudolf / Blogspot

If you still haven't been able to find it, here's a clue. The snake is also green in color and is hiding towards the bottom of the illustration. You can probably see multiple birds hiding not-so-coyly in the photo.

The snake is a little hard to find and might take a while to show itself. Take your time to look for it.

If you still haven't been able to find it, you can scroll down to see the solution. You will be surprised at the answer. If you want to make it more challenging for yourself, you can also look for all the birds in the image and let us know how many there are in the image. We found only 25 birds in there. Do you see more?

Here is the answer to where is the snake in the image? 


Source: Gergely Dudás - Dudolf / Blogspot



Cover image source: Gergely Dudás - Dudolf / Blogspot

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