Fun Test: What Is Your Purpose in Life? Numerology Can Reveal Your True Calling

Fun Test: What Is Your Purpose in Life? Numerology Can Reveal Your True Calling

This ancient spiritual tool can help you find what you are meant to achieve on a spiritual level and not just the material one.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on June 29, 2020. It has since been updated.

Numerology is a tool that can help gauge our true calling and life purpose. Experts use a method of adding up the numbers in our birth date or adding the numerical value of the alphabets in our name to assess our qualities and predict our life journey.  It can offer insights into what motivates you, your skills, strengths, and challenging traits that you need to overcome in your lifetime. To determine the life path number, you need to add up the individual digits of our birth date (by day, month, and year and then add the individual numbers together). The resulting single digit is called the life path number. 


You can find your life path number here.

Life Path 1: The Leader 

A leader is one who inspires others to be their best. If this is your life path number, you are likely to be making an impact on many people you meet on a daily basis. But you don't do it for power or fame. You seek to make a true change.

People who are part of this path believe in executing their plans, not just dreaming of a distant goal. They are action-oriented individuals who would rather get into the work-mode and set an example for others. They lead from the front and seek results constantly. It is their purpose in life to see bring about the changes they wish to see in the world. Despite being motivated beings, they always make time to pause and help a kindred soul. A true leader doesn't believe in winning at the cost of hurting others.


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Life Path 2: The Nurturer

If your life path number is 2, your biggest strength is your kind heart. The world is how it is because there are not enough people in power who have the capacity to feel for another human. As a nurturer, your role is extremely valuable, although you may not be the loudest or most vocal in a group.

The role of the nurturer is usually associated with femininity. And for a good reason. Because only the truly wise and strong can care for others with equal care and genuine compassion. Many of the introverted and calm leaders in our times, who have a fiercely passionate heart, are mostly twos. Much like them, you don't let ego or pride come in the way to make peace. What matters to you is that no person feels left out or lesser than. 


Life Path 3: The Communicator

Number 3 folks are adept at charming people. Your USP is your ability to use words to inspire, bring about change, and urge others to be their best. Even those who seem introverted can still be excellent communicators. 

If you are a three, you have a flair to bring people together despite their individual differences, a quality much needed in today's world. You also have the creativity and wit to use humor to make a point without hurting people. You are likely to excel in positions that value relationships over profits. You are also a great listener, which allows people to be honest about their feelings and fears.


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Life Path 4: The Teacher

If your life path number is four, you are likely to be extremely passionate, inspired, and dynamic. You are a learner for life and love exploring new places, cultures, people, and communities. You are also very likely to be the first to notice when something is unethical or unjust.

Being fearless as you are, you take every opportunity you get to make a positive impact on others. You are also methodic and reliable in your style of work. You prefer personal connection over digital conversations. As a purpose, you will do well in positions that allow you to share your knowledge and love for life. You are likely to be great with kids.


Life Path 5: The Change Maker

As a 5, you are fearless and passionate. You detest hypocrisy and fake folks. Your strength is your authenticity. 

Fives are full of energy and always seek to find new ways to do things. Others see them as independent and unpredictable, but they are just trying to assert their truth by being open. They don't want to hide behind society's constructs and would rather be alone than be seen as a part of a herd. They run the risk of being selfish and irresponsible, thus causing pain to others. Their life's purpose is to seek freedom no matter how. 

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Life Path 6: The Creator

You are highlight imaginative, nonconforming, and rebellious. You appreciate beauty in all forms. You value the finer things and respect people over profits. 


Sixes are busy-bodies who love fussing over people and building systems and communities around. They are the problem fixers everyone calls in the need of the hour. They are the 4 AM friend who everyone wants in their life, not so that they can listen but so they can tell them how to fix the issues in their life. They willingly become the shoulders for others to lean on. Gradually, they build a community around them that thrives, which is where their destiny lies. 

Life Path 7: The Philosopher

These individuals value thinking over anything else. If are a 7, you are likely to wonder about existence, the creation of the universe, the mysteries of life and death, and the journey of humankind and all creation.


Much like the greatest thinkers of all times, who constantly looked for answers to the big questions, you have a thirst for deeper knowledge beyond worldly information. Like innovators of all times, you are the first to come up with an original idea often in your circle. You also have less value on social norms and tradition. You value change and evolution.

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Life Path 8: The Seeker

When an eight passes you, you would know. They exude respect and power in a subtle way. If you are an 8, you prefer finding your own path rather than following the mainstream ways. You are likely to be highly intuitive and you are drawn to understanding the human mind and life's mysteries better. You seek truths beyond the lies and makes that people wear, which makes you an inspiration to all.

You don't seek power, but it follows you around. Your strength lies in the wisdom you have gathered through the struggles and dark times. You seek to guide others who are on similar paths, which makes you a great mentor.

Life Path 9: The Peacemaker

If you are a 9, you are a rare kind. You make a group of people whose primary agenda is harmony and equality. Your strength lies in your passionate belief that everyone is equal and you go out of your way to support the underdogs.

You value peace and harmony above else. Many world leaders fall in this group. They are humanitarians who want to think about world crisis and do things that benefit the world. They have a massive amount of love within that they want to share. They will help people close to them and a stranger with equal enthusiasm. They seek a life of honor and fairness. Being just towards everyone is important to them, as is correcting the wrongs in the world. 





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