This Artist Cleverly Hides Cats in His Paintings | Can You Find Them All?

This Artist Cleverly Hides Cats in His Paintings | Can You Find Them All?

Optical illusions are a fun way to spend time and they test your observational skills as well. Scan through these images to see if you can find all the friendly felines.

Source: Lim Heng Swee Instagram

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 19, 2020. It has since been updated.

It's great to find happy, beautiful messages hidden in unexpected places. Whether it's the higher power speaking to us through signs or it's simply an artist who has hidden some messages within their art. Either way, it's a puzzle that's fun to solve. An Asian artist named Lim Heng Swee has been hiding illustrations of cats inside bigger images like a landscape, beach, and other views.


Swee or ilovedoodle is an illustrator who wishes to doodle a smile on the Earth's face, according to his website. He has won numerous awards and one of the specimens of his talent lies in the work he shares on his Instagram. His work dominantly features his cats and you might not be able to find them during the first attempt. You might find yourself backtracking and searching the image to see where the cat is hidden in the image.

Without intending it to be, his illustrations are like optical illusions. Take some time to find feline friends in these images. It can be entertaining and engaging. The beauty and simplicity of the images also don't hurt.


Here are 15 illustrations by the artist that will make you fall in love with his work:

1. Meowntain tops


2. Waves of paws



3. Beach body


4. Over the rainbow



5. Minimal meow


6. Carved in stone



7. Dawn


8. Get lost to be found



9. Smoked out


10. Kitty's comet



11. Reaching for the yarn


12. Friends forever


13. The hills have ears too


14. Melting meows


15. Tread lightly at the Eiffel Tower


16. The meow of liberty


17. Cumulus cat





Cover Image Source: Instagram | Lim Heng Swee