Fun Test: What the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life This Year

Fun Test: What the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life This Year

2020 will be a mixed bag for everyone and the key to meeting someone new or bringing back spark to your relationship may lie in keeping an open mind.

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The lines on your palm can reveal a lot about your personality, your love life, your career, and other aspects as well. It is an ancient art of fortunetelling practiced in different cultures. There are meanings embedded in the shape, size, and placement of the lines on your hands.

The line which reveals more about your love life is called the heart line, which is present in both palms. For starters, combine the two palms to check if they are on the same level. The heart lines on the two palms might be on the same level or higher. There are different meanings associated with the left-hand heart line being higher and the right-hand heart line being higher.

Depending on where the two lines on your hands meet, or don't meet, you can find out about how your romantic life in 2020 will be as well.

1. Right heart line higher

Right heart line higher

If the right heart line is higher than the left one when you bring your palms together, you are a responsible and organized person. You prefer having a no-frills partner, just like you are, but this year will be a roller coaster ride. You will encounter challenging situations where you might not be comfortable but your partner will expect you to show up. As a supportive partner, you might feel pressured to do those things but looking at the situation in a different way might ease your journey. When you focus on what that situation will help you learn, you might realize that it was easy all along. You may have a fixed idea of what you are capable of and what is out of your comfort zone. The situations you encounter this year will challenge your comfort zone constantly.


2. Left heart line higher


Left heart line higher

If your left heart line is higher than the right, you are someone who lives for the thrill. You have been known for being a rebel and doing things people least expect. When it comes to love, you may have had a harder time in 2019 finding the right person. You can look forward to a slower year in 2020, which is asking you to relax in all aspects of life. When you stop looking for love, you might find it easily. You may have been focussed on different parts of your life, which helped you realize that being single was better than dating someone toxic. You like your freedom and independence, and don't like those who overstep your boundaries. So, it will be easier to find love with someone you are already comfortable with.

3. Both on the same level 

Heartline at same level


If you're someone with heart lines on the same level, you are someone who seeks balance in your life. You prize yourself for being the voice of reason for your family and friends and they look up to you for that. If you're in a relationship, then you might face some hiccups in 2020. Your mediation skills will be called on during this challenging time while those who are single might find love in the latter half of the year. You might not see that person as a legitimate option but they might shower you with attention, which might change your mind about them. Keeping an open mind will help when meeting new people.


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