Fun Test: What Do the the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life

Fun Test: What Do the the Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Love Life

Palmistry is an ancient science of revealing more about you and your life by deciphering the lines on your hand.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 13, 2019. It has since been updated.

Palmistry is the science of reading the lines of the palms to reveal a person's personality, traits, and future. There are many lines on the palm and each has a different significance. The shape, size, and lines on the hands and fingers reveal certain aspects of you and your future. One of the lines on your palms is called heart lines and they reveal what kind of partner you are in romantic relationships.


To find out what's written in your hands, start with combining both palms so that your fingers are at the same level. Then check for the heart lines on both palms. You might encounter lines that are on the same level on both palms, or where one is higher than the other. 

1. Both heart lines are aligned

Both lines are aligned

You seek balance in your life and are motivated to do the just thing. You are the kind of person who will be the shoulder of support for people going through a rough time. You are responsible and reliable in all that you do, including your relationships. You take into consideration your partner's feelings and are gentle with them. You are a sensitive partner and your relationship is built on romance.


You are not hasty in love because of how deeply you give of yourself. You are a little cautious and want to wait for the right person to turn up before committing, but you are not afraid of having your heart broken if it's in the pursuit of love.

2. The left heart line is higher

Left line is higher

You are a risk-taker and a passionate one at that. Others might judge you as reckless, but you have immense drive and resilience. In relationships, you like to leap in head-first but you are not the kind of person who backs off when there is a challenge in the relationship. Instead, you would sail through the bad phase with a big smile on your face. You are not one to be cowed down by a few roadblocks. In the end, you are the winner who is still standing.


You wear your heart on your sleeve and people will get what they see. You don't know how to be diplomatic or be anything other than your authentic self. You are a supportive partner who wants to make sure that your partner is on their way to achieving their dreams as well.

3. The right heart line is higher

Right line is higher

When the right heart line is higher it can indicate that you are a mature person who is emotionally stable. You don't like having drama in your life, so your relationships reflect that as well. Instead of a string of short-term dates, you will likely invest your time in a long-term partner. You want to think of the wholesome future when you start getting serious about someone.


Since you prefer maturity, you might actually fall for someone older than you even if it's an unconventional match. You don't like to while away your time on people who don't have the same values as you. In your relationships, you prefer having a solid foundation even though you seek new experiences outside of your romantic life.




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