Fun Test: Find the Matching Shoes | How Quickly Can You Spot the Right Pair?

Fun Test: Find the Matching Shoes | How Quickly Can You Spot the Right Pair?

Do you have great observational skills? If you think so, then put it to test and find the answer to these puzzles.

Who doesn't like a good pair of shoes? And, who can resist a good set of puzzles? And, when we mix the two, the answer is something interesting and fun. Puzzles are a great way to spend some free time and it challenges us to look closer. They keep us sharp and mentally agile. Do you think you're good at them? Then, give these puzzles a try.

Since we spend most of our time looking for the missing pair of shoes for our husbands, children and sometimes, ourselves, we also know how to spot the fakes. This skill will come in handy when looking for the two shoes that match. In this puzzle, there are six options to choose from and you will need to find the two shoes that look alike.

From sneakers to high heels, there are different kinds of shoes here to confuse you. Your love for shoes doesn't need to be confined to finding the new pair to add to your collection. Instead, you can use your keen eye to look closer and solve these puzzles quickly. Some people found the answers really fast, will you be one of them? 

1. A classic pair of black shoes that never go out of style

Source: Illustration

Keep your eye on the prize with these sharp black stilettoes. It's not that hard to spot the pair you want so badly. Do you want to head out for a night in the town? You know these will serve you best.

2. Keeping it comfy

Source: Illustration

These are the comfiest looking pair of shoes out there. Do you want to step out for a grocery run? These might be your best friends.

3. ...or casual 

Source: Illustration

Simple and elegant. These shoes are all about comfort but while looking feminine too. Have you found the matching pair yet? They are not that hard to tell apart.

4. Sandals are a style statement on their own

Source: Illustration

These elegant and comfy looking sandals would be great for walking long roads and looking great while doing it. But, how great would it be if you could solve this puzzle quickly as well? 

5. A little animal print should jazz up your outfit

Source: Illustration

Animal prints were all the rage once upon a time and they might make a come back soon. These flats look elegant and classy. There are so many options to pick from but can you find the only matching pair here?

Answer Key: 

1. No. 3 and No. 5 is the matching pair

2. No. 1 and No. 3 is the matching pair 

3. No. 1 and No. 5 is the matching pair 

4. No. 3 and No. 4 is the matching pair

5. No. 2 and No. 6 is the matching pair

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