Fun Test: The Length of Your Index Finger Can Say a Lot About You and Your Relationships

Fun Test: The Length of Your Index Finger Can Say a Lot About You and Your Relationships

Finding clarity in relationships can be hard sometimes, but this quick quiz could help you figure out your romantic personality.

If you're looking for a detailed way to find out about yourself, look no further than your own hands. They can hold the keys to how you are while in a relationship. Matters of the heart can be difficult and complicated as it is but with some insight into yourself you will know how to navigate your relationships. When you know your strengths and weaknesses in romantic relationships, you will be better prepared to handle the situations that arise.

Your index finger can reveal what kind of person you are in a relationship and outside of it too. Whether you love to lead or be led, whether you're a romantic or a pragmatic person, the answers to your questions about yourself can be found by reading on.

1. The index finger is shorter than the ring finger

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If your index finger is shorter than the ring finger, it could mean that you are a charming and flirtatious person. You keep your partner on their toes since you always have something romantic planned for them. You want their attention all for yourself and make continuous efforts for them to feel loved. You are someone who oozes charm and people enjoy your company quite a bit. You are great at making new friends since people flock to you. They want to be part of your exciting life in some way or the other. You might be outgoing and social, while also working towards improving your community.

2. The index finger is longer than the ring finger

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If your index finger, which is the finger right next to your thumb, is longer than your ring finger then you're someone who likes to take charge. You are likely to be a risk-taker in life and in relationships. You were born to lead your tribe and that can include your partner as well. However, you are a benevolent leader and don't believe in squashing others' voices, which makes you a great romantic partner too. You might lead the relationship but your partner is always at ease with that. You have their trust since you are resourceful, balanced, and confident. You rarely fail them with your decisions, which is why they have no problems letting go of control when they are with you. You might be considered as the head of the family and make all the major decisions.

3. Index and ring finger are the same lengths 

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If your index and ring finger are of equal lengths, you are likely a balanced person. You tend to ooze a sense of comfort and security, so people are attracted to you for your advice. You are good at communication and especially at listening, which makes you a great partner. You know when your partner wants a solution from you and when they are seeking a space to vent themselves. Your communication style is non-interfering and supportive, which makes others feel comfortable and appreciated by you. When people need someone to hear them out the most, they seek you out. You are able to give them a balanced point of view and with a soft touch. You have a healing effect on people.

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