Fun Test: The First Letter of Your Mom's Name Can Reveal Which Quality You Inherited From Her

Fun Test: The First Letter of Your Mom's Name Can Reveal Which Quality You Inherited From Her

Mother's Day is around the corner and finding out the ways in which we are like our mom might be a fun way to strengthen your bond.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 8, 2020. It has since been updated.

For a lot of us, our first best friends in life are our mothers. We grow up watching them and want to be just like them. Be it the way they took care of us when we were sick, or the way they made sure everything in the house was always in order. How they seemed to deal with the most difficult problems with strength, or the way they never gave up on people or tasks even when the going got tough. All moms are different and each of them has unique personalities as women. And it is most likely that as daughters, we (hopefully) inherit some of those good qualities.


Want to know what quality you inherited from your mother? Pick the first letter of her name and we'll tell you how you are your mother's daughter.

If her name starts with:

1. A, G, M, S, Y

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You inherited her loyal personality. She may have been fiercely protective of her close ones and never gave up on them. She is loyal to a fault and that can sometimes be hurtful too. You will have inherited this special part of her that made her so iconic in your eyes. You probably valued her ability to support those she loved when you were younger and now do that for those in your life.

2. B, H, N, T, Z

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Your mom was likely an independent and strong woman. She didn't rely on your father or anyone else for much in her life and knew how to take care of herself. Sometimes, that may have come across as though she didn't want others but that's not true. Her life experiences may have made it harder for her to be vulnerable. From her, you have learned to be an independent and fierce woman too. You like to take care of yourself and not rely on others.

3. C, I, O, U

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If your mother's first name begins with any of these letters, then you learned the valuable lesson of commitment from her. Whether it was her marriage or her relationships with her family and friends, she shone through them all with her level-headed presence. She was there for people consistently and worked hard to get the desired result from those relationships. Sometimes, that may have meant that she focused more on others than her own well-being. From her, you learned the same lesson and are now deeply committed to the people in your life, including yourself.


4. D, J, P, V

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If your mom's name's first letter is any of these, then you learned empathy from her. Her compassionate nature may have been the reason why so many people sought her out as a friend. She was most likely someone who contributed to the community and was always ready to help others. It could also have been that she sometimes ignored her own health to help others. You learned to take care of others from her and always listen to people's problems, whether you have a solution for it or not. People know you'll always have a patient ear for them.

5. E, K, Q, W

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You most likely grew up in the loving and nurturing shadow of your mother. More than anything else, you would identify her as the sweetest and most caring mother. She doted on you and your siblings and did everything in her power to ensure you had a good childhood and teen years. From her, you learned to be patient and caring towards others. Whether you're a mom or not, people around you see you as the mother hen.

6. F, L, R, X

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If your mother's first name begins with any of these letters, you learned how to be passionate from her. She may have been doggedly after her own dreams and was unapologetic about it. You learned to dream big from her and continue to do so. She probably took you to her job or involved her in her hobby and you got a glimpse of what it means to know what you want in life and go after it. You most likely respect her for being a mom and pursuing her dreams at the same time and now aspire to be that way.


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