Fun Test: Pick Your Favorite Pizza Topping and Find Out What It Says About Your Personality

Fun Test: Pick Your Favorite Pizza Topping and Find Out What It Says About Your Personality

Are you a cheese person or a meat person or perhaps, a pineapple person? Whatever you choose will give away a lot about you.

Who doesn't like pizza? This might be one of the most loved food across the world. It originated in Italy but people from all walks of life have made it their own. Wherever this food has traveled, it has been assimilated into the local food culture. There are some unique toppings that grace the top of this pie. For instance, Japanese people add Miso to it, Indians add tandoori chicken, while Suya, a kind of kebab, is popular in parts of Africa. It's a versatile dish and the toppings you pick can reveal more about you.

In the US, some of the original pizza toppings are still popular apart from some unique to them. If you like the classic Margherita or prefer pepperoni on it, it could say a lot more about you than you had imagined. After all, the pizza topping you choose is likely unique to you and holds value.

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Pick a topping from these six and find out what it means for you:   

1. Pineapple

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

This is one of the most controversial pizza toppings and if you like this you might have been branded a quirky person with an off-beat taste. And, it's likely true for you. Perhaps, you like trying new things and are willing to try everything at least once. You don't care about what others think about you and are confident in your choices. You are likely to be a dreamer who loves inventing new things. You take life as it comes and try to find creative solutions with what you have got. Haters gonna hate, but you do you!

2. Vegetables

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You like to indulge from time to time but you are all about balance. You watch your health and want to do right by it. Maybe, you are someone who counts their calorie intake as well, which is why you prefer a pizza loaded with vegetables. You probably have strict morals that you follow and might even be vegetarian or even vegan. Perhaps, there are many issues you care about and want to do right by the causes you pick. You are a sensitive, caring, and comforting person and many people in your life come to you for advice.

3. Cheese

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you like a plain cheese pizza, sometimes with extra cheese melting in your mouth, then you are a carefree person who believes in treating themselves. You may not be encumbered with responsibilities and know how to live in the now. You are also a simple person and gravitate towards a minimal way of living. While you give yourself the benefit of the doubt, others might find you a little unreliable. But, you prove to them that the first impression isn't the last one. At first glance, people might write you off but they are usually wrong.

4. Basil

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you like fresh basil leaves on your pizza, then you are someone who likes to go into the basics of everything. You want to strip everything down to its essence to understand it. Whether it's your friendships or your relationship with your romantic partner, you want a deep connection. You are an authentic person and want your loved ones to dig deep into their emotions to find out more about themselves. You are all about intense bonds and sometimes that may be intimidating.

5. Pepperoni

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you're a pepperoni lover, then you are likely the most popular person among your friends and family. You know how to have fun and are laidback. When people want to have a relaxed time, they seek you out. You are always up for a good time but you are also a no-frills person. You don't like to overthink what you are doing or what people think of you. You are all about letting your hair down and taking care of yourself. That doesn't mean you don't work hard for what you are passionate about, it just means you don't sweat the small stuff.

6. Meat

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

There are so many choices and you just don't know what to pick, so you prefer adding them all probably. You are all about living large and don't care about what others think of you. You are outspoken, especially about your food choices. You like to take chances and when you indulge, you are taking a chance on yourself. You are adventurous and love to travel. You are always waiting for the next big risk to take because you want to experience life in all its highs and lows.




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