Fun Test: This Is What the Lines on Your Wrist Say About Your Future, According to Palmistry

Fun Test: This Is What the Lines on Your Wrist Say About Your Future, According to Palmistry

Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future but the lines on our hands might be able to give us a running start.

It's hard to know what lies in our future but there are some ancient arts like astrology and palmistry which can show us the path. Being able to decipher our future through these can help us make a lot of decisions in life. Having those clues in front of us is like getting spoilers before a movie. You are likely to know the basic structure but the little details come to life as we experience life.

Palmistry can tell us about our fate, our love life, the challenges and achievements lying ahead in life, our personality, and a lot more. We just need to have an open mind. It is a complicated art that includes reading the shape and size of the hand and fingers, as well as the various lines on them. Often, the part that goes ignored is the wrist, which has faint lines on them if you look closely, which too hold keys to our future.

Right where our hand and arm connect, there are multiple horizontal lines called bracelet lines also known as rascette lines. It can reveal details about the life expectancy of a person, their health, wealth, and more.

Have you looked down at your wrist and checked out how many lines there are? Now if you want to find out what the bracelet lines on your wrist mean, read on.

1. One line - Health line 

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It is believed that the more number of bracelet lines one has the longer their life expectancy is. This line is the most important one as it can reveal potential health issues. If you have a deep and unbroken line, it means that you are likely to be healthy and strong for most of your life. However, if it's broken, is light, or has other markings it can indicate someone who is going to have health issues. The first bracelet line signifies the life expectancy between 23 and 28 years, as per SunGazing.com.

The broken first line has different implications for men and women. If the line is broken or curved towards the palm, it means that women can face problems conceiving or while giving birth. When the line is broken and curves upwards for men, it can indicate urinary or prostate issues, and reproductive issues.

2. Two lines - Success line

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The second line usually looks like the first one in terms of shape and depth. It can indicate the material success in a person's life. When someone has a deep and straight line, it's an indication of financial success. If you have a broken or faint first line but the other lines are deep and clear, it could show that whatever hardships you face in your youth will be overcome later in life. However, if this second line is faint or broken, it can show that you will face financial difficulties for a long time, as per Littlethings.com. It usually indicates a life expectancy of 46-56 years.

3. Three lines - Influence line 

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The third bracelet or rascette line is usually the last one for many people. It shows the level of influence, fame, and power that people will have in life, according to SunGazing.com.  When you have a strong, deep, and unbroken line, it shows that the person is expected to be famous and influential in their life. They will enjoy a lot of social prosperity. It also indicates the number of years a person will live for. A deep and clear third line shows life expectancy between 69-84 years.

4. Four lines - Strength line

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Very few people have this line on their wrists. Firstly, it shows a life expectancy that goes beyond 84 years. This is the indicator of a long, long life. Since this line is very rare, it's believed to enforce what the third line indicates. When you have a strong fourth line it also indicates a strong social presence. It can also mean that your legacy will be carried forward by your many descendants.





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