Fun Test: How Well Do You Know Your Inner Self? The Doodle You Most Often Make Can Reveal Some Answers

Fun Test: How Well Do You Know Your Inner Self? The Doodle You Most Often Make Can Reveal Some Answers

Many times, we have inadvertently drawn things on tissue papers or any paper lying around us. Those patterns can answer some of your questions about yourself.

How many times have you found yourself doodling something when you're distracted? On the phone, with a pen and paper at hand? You're probably scribbling some patterns or bits of the conversation. Waiting for someone in a cafe with a tissue paper and pencil in front of you? You may have doodled lines and circles, if not more. Doodles are usually what we do when we're distracted or when we want our minds to rest and focus.

"We tend to doodle when we are bored or stressed; because of this, we’re usually only  half-conscious of what we’re drawing — which means our inner preoccupations surface on paper." Emotional people who want harmony and crave affection tend to use rounded shapes and curved lines. Down-to-earth, practical types tend to use straight lines and squares. Determined people will use corners, zigzags and triangles, while more hesitant types use light, sketchy strokes. A large doodle shows a person is confident and outgoing, while a small one suggests the person prefers to observe rather than participate," Ruth Rostron, professional handwriting analyst and vice-chair of the British Institute of Graphologists, told Daily Mail.

In such moments, the subconscious might be revealing more through our artwork, skilled or not. They hold a window into our inner selves and you will be surprised how much you relate to it. Read one to know what your doodles can reveal about you:

1. Hearts

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This one is a little bit of a no-brainer because sometimes we are pretty transparent. When we draw hearts, it is because we are in love or love is on our mind, a lot. We may be preoccupied with our romantic interest. It could also be that something in your romantic relationship is bothering you. It doesn't have to mean that you are head over heels in love but that something about it is on your mind.

2. Arrows

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A person who has a specific goal in mind would draw arrows since they are subconsciously targeting their goals. If the arrows are sharp and angular, then they are determined and know that what they are going after is something important. However, if it is more fluid and decorated then they are probably aiming towards matters of the heart or a passion project.

3. Houses

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If you find yourself making houses often, it could show that you are subconsciously vying for security. If the house has neat lines with proper windows and doors, it indicates a secure family life. However, a house with unrefined lines and no windows shows that you might feel trapped in your family life or personal life. When someone draws a house on an isolated hill or mountain it shows that the person could be lonely.

4. Stars

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When people doodle stars, it's because they are ambitious individuals who have big goals. If you are drawing lots of little stars, it shows optimism. However, if you draw one large and bold star that is also decorated, it shows that you have a specific goal in mind. If you find yourself making uniform and neat stars, it could show that you are a focussed person while freehand drawings of stars show an energetic person.

5. Intricate patterns

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If you find yourself making detailed doodles that have many features in them, like a mandala, for instance, it could mean that you are someone who likes to be in control. It also shows an obsessive nature. A person who has a hard time letting go of projects or people is also likely to draw intricate patterns. It may be a favorite of extreme introverts.

6. Stick figures

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If you find yourself making stick figures, then you are likely someone who is very in control of your feelings. You are also great at balancing your emotions and most aspects of your life, as per Storypick. Stick figures are generally drawn by people who are already successful in the things that matter to them. They have clear goals and they go after them.

7. Eyes

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If you are in the habit of drawing eyes, it shows that you are not feeling safe. It could indicate that you are suspicious of the people around you and their motives. You could feel that you are being targetted by others and are judged.

8. Names or initials

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If you find yourself drawing your own name or initials, it could be because you like being appreciated and being the center of attention. Many young adults and teens doodle their names or initials, which shows a need to create their own identity away from their family's. However, if you are doodling another person's name, it's because you consider them a romantic partner.

9. Flowers

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When you doodle soft and rounded petals with a circular center, it's because you are a peace-loving person. You love having a harmonious family life and love focusing on your personal life. However, if your flowers have pointy petals then you are likely to be a warm person with a hard outer shell. 




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