Fun Test: 5 Types of Toes and What They Reveal About Your Personality

Fun Test: 5 Types of Toes and What They Reveal About Your Personality

The length and shape of your toes tell a lot about some of the hidden aspects of your personality.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 17, 2020. It has since been updated.

Being able to find the hidden depths within us is something we all try to do constantly. There are so many methods that we may try, like astrology, numerology, and even therapy. We are constantly trying to understand ourselves and those around us so our relationships can be easier, healthy, and positive. One of the ways to find out about ourselves is by observing the shape and length of our toes. They might have the answers we have been looking for and it's worth giving it a try.


1. Stretched toes

Stretched toes

When you have a gap between your big toe and the rest of the toes, you are said to have stretched toes. What does it mean for your personality? You are a fiercely independent person and love your freedom. Outdoorsy and nature-loving, you probably have a range of interests from gardening to hiking. You are also likely to be a confident person who is very sure of their opinions. So, it's possible that you can't stay away from a good debate.

2. Wide-set toes

Wide-set toes


If you have a lot of gaps between all your toes or if they can be stretched far apart, you have the traveler's foot aka wide-set toes. Having toes of this type means you are someone who loves to travel. You are mostly on the lookout for a new adventure and find it hard to settle down in one place. Even if you have a place you call home, you are interested in exploring new spaces where you live. It could mean that you like to check out new stores or new kinds of food. You follow your heart wherever you go.

3. Extra small pinky toe

Extra small pinky toe

This foot type is best described by the tiny pinky toe when compared to the other ones. The rest of the toes are lined up in descending order with the pinky toe being the smallest, but in this case, it's not proportionally small. What it could mean is that you are someone who is open and friendly. You like to make friends and are social. While you are mostly an upbeat person, you have one thing that you consider a shortcoming, and you dislike talking about it. You have probably not revealed it to even the closest people.


4. Greek toe

Greek toe

When your second toe is longer than the rest, even the big one, you have what is called the flame or fire foot. It is also called the Greek toe. If you have a toe like this then you are likely to be a creative person. You have plenty of talents and leadership qualities but all the ideas buzzing in your head can make you slightly impulsive. You might find yourself wanting to do everything all at once and that can stress you out.

5. Roman toe

Roman toe


When you have the first three toes at the same height and the rest two in descending order, your foot type is called the Roman toe. If your feet look like that then you are mostly a balanced person. You make everyone around you feel more at peace. You are both introverted and extroverted. You are able to balance between the two sides of your personality and that makes you a hit with the people. Others feel comfortable around you as you are approachable.

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