Fun Test: Can You Spot the Tiny Mouse Hiding Among the Mushrooms? It's Not Easy to Find the Little Creature

Fun Test: Can You Spot the Tiny Mouse Hiding Among the Mushrooms? It's Not Easy to Find the Little Creature

Whether it's a crossword, a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, or a brain teaser, puzzles are a great way to spend some time racking your brains.

Source: thedudolf.blogspot.com

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 8, 2021. It has since been updated.

It's been a long time since we exercised our brains a little, isn't it?

We're sure that you're aware of the benefits of solving different kinds of puzzles, but we'll take the opportunity of reminding you about them once again as you prepare your minds for another brain-racking session.


No matter what kind of puzzles you like solving, they all help develop your brainpower. Did you know that John Spilsbury invented the modern jigsaw puzzles in 1767?

If you thought puzzles were just for kids, and for the development of their physical and cognitive brain skills, then you'd be surprised to know that puzzles are meant for adults too.


So, how do they help you? According to Goodnet, in these seven ways:

1. Puzzles help in exercising both sides of your brain

2. They help improve your memory

3. They help improve your problem-solving skills

4. They help improve visual and spatial reasoning

5. They help in enhancing your overall mood

6. They help in lowering your stress levels

7. They can also help improve your IQ score

Now, let's come back to the puzzle. Talented artist Gergely Dudás has come up with another puzzle. All he's asking is for you to find the hidden mouse among the mushrooms.

Take a look at the picture. Do you see it?


Yeah, we know all you can see is the crop of mushrooms but if you look really closely you'll find a mouse sneaking up from behind one of the mushrooms.


Clue? the very fact that the mouse is hiding behind a mushroom is the biggest clue. However, if you want another, we'll give you that as well... the mouse is the same color as the mushroom stalks. Found it now?

No? Alright. No worries. Spend some more time looking at the picture, and we're sure you'll find it.

The ones who found the little creature...good job! And the ones who were not so fortunate here's the answer key for you.

Source: thedudolf.blogspot.com

That concludes our brain exercise for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!




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