Fun Test: Pick a Color Combination and See What It Reveals About the Personality

Fun Test: Pick a Color Combination and See What It Reveals About the Personality

The color we like or prefer is not a coincidence but an extension of who we are.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 25, 2020. It has since been updated.

Color psychology is a much-talked-about subject among those who believe that the color they like is a reflection of their being. While there is very little data to prove that right, it has been said that why we prefer a certain color has a lot to do with our upbringing, cultural background, exposure, personal experiences, etc., suggests Psychology Today. Therefore, as we grow up, we relate to a certain color and consider it the color of our soul, so to speak. We pick up apparel of a certain color because we think that that's what portrays our personality perfectly. That's why brands are known to use a particular set of colors in order to appeal to their target audience. Even subconsciously, the color(s) we pick reveal who we are and why we are drawn to that particular color, claims Color Psychology.


So let's get right into our fun test and try to figure out what your favorite color combination reveals about you.

1. Violet and light blue

Violet and light blue

You are most likely a creative soul who is an ambivert. You want to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings but not always or to everyone. You may not have a lot of friends given your partly introvert nature, but the ones you have are very close to you and you cherish them. You are also sensitive, empathetic, and emotional. There is also an inherent calmness in you which makes you the attractive one. People probably come to you for your wisdom and the patience with which you try to listen to their problems. These qualities make you one of the best to a great extent but then there are times when you go into your shell and close yourself. However, your empathetic nature could never let you be away from the ones who need support.

2. Yellow and white

Yellow and white


White entails simplicity and yellow means joy. If this is the combination of your choice you are most likely a simple person who enjoys the simple moments and simple joys of life. But what most people overlook is that you are an independent and focussed person who is optimistic and works to achieve the positive consequences in life. Additionally, you love spreading positivity too. You are cheerful and try to look at the bright side of things. There may be times when you overlook early signs of a mishap because of your optimistic tendency but right here your focussed part comes to play and helps you get back in track.

3. Turquoise and pink 

Turquoise and pink 

You are probably an easy-going person who has a strong mind of her own. You are also a good communicator and can express what you feel very effectively. But that does not mean you sugar-coat the truth. You, in fact, are a believer in speaking one's heart out. You are caring and compassionate and know how to heal a heart and influence thoughts. Additionally, you are an eternal romantic and have a very sensitive side to you, you love and like being loved. At times, however, your strong and sensitive sides clash and then you use your analytical bit to come to terms with yourself.


4. Red and blue

Red and blue

A very traditional combination of colors! But if you pick up this combination, chances are you find one side of your personality clashing with the other, more often than not. On one hand, you are a confident, optimistic, and socially outgoing person, you might sometimes find yourself slipping into a state of mindfulness, introspection, and silence. While you might have a lot of friends due to your social nature, you might also struggle to find the one who you trust and who trusts you back. But above all, the one thing that makes you a stable and mindful person is your inner peace and honesty.




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