Fun Test: The Door You Pick Can Lead You Onto the Path of Finding Hidden Parts of Yourself

Fun Test: The Door You Pick Can Lead You Onto the Path of Finding Hidden Parts of Yourself

All it takes is one look at some pictures for us to be attracted to one of them. But the reason we single that out has more to do with our personality than aesthetics.

No one really knows you better than you know yourself. But what you might not realize is that there are parts of your personality that even you don't know about. All it takes is a situation, a person, or in some cases, even a picture to bring out an unknown side of you. Where the eyes may be the window to our souls, our choices can be the path to our personality. And the door you choose can help you find out more about yourself. Among the six doors, whichever one appeals to you without even thinking about it, can help you understand yourself better.

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Door number 1

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If you picked this door, you are the kind of person who loves a good adventure. For you, fear of the unknown doesn't come easy and the magical door seems to hold the promise of new experiences. You know how to learn from your escapades and use that knowledge to guide you through relationships and life in general. However, the fact that there are two doors indicates that you tend to be indecisive. In your attempt to experience everything, you tend to focus on a bigger moment than the smaller specials that make it up. Nevertheless, sometimes this indecisiveness comes in handy as it keeps you from making rash decisions easily, both in your relationships and professionally.

Door number 2

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If you picked this door, you're the kind of person who is curious about the world and knows how to satisfy your thirst for knowledge in a responsible way. Because of this, your ability to judge a situation is extremely honed and makes you the best person to mediate a problem. However, your intelligence might make you seem closed off and aloof, giving others the impression that you're unapproachable. Only those who are close to you know how stable you are and can be counted on in moments of distress. Your loyalty is unmatched and loved ones know that for them, you would drop everything to be there when they need you.

Door number 3

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If you picked this door, you're the kind of person who focuses on the things that bring joy to you. In turn, you are like a breath of fresh air to those who meet you. Bright like the colors in the image, you see the world in a light that not many others have the foresight to do. Your friendly attitude is what draws people to you and your trustworthiness is what makes them want to stay with you. However, many might see this as a vulnerability and as a way to pull wool over your eyes. Little do they know that behind that friendly exterior is a person who is smart enough to figure them out. Your spirit is not a fragile thing.

Door number 4

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If you picked this door, you're the kind of person who won't settle for less than your dreams. You aren't afraid to go through the hardships to have your goals realized. This perseverance and your hard work make other people see you as a leader. But this attitude doesn't just apply to your professional life. When it comes to your partner, they never have to worry about commitment because they know you're faithful and are willing to put in the effort to make your relationship a strong one. Sometimes though, these emotions might be a bit too intense for others but that just helps you find out who truly understands you.

Door number 5

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If you picked this door, you're the kind of person who cares nothing for the negativity that others try to drag you into. Honest, sometimes brutally so, you tend to scare away people with the intensity of this emotion. However, you are confident about who you are and your loved ones appreciate your truthfulness. You believe in being transparent and are open about who you are. But you're not so naive as to believe that everyone will also be the same way. So you save your heart and love for those who value you enough to reciprocate your emotions. You know that your emotional sensitivity is not for everyone and you're okay with it.

Door number 6

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If you picked this door, you're the kind of person whom people look up to remain calm in a stressful situation. Elegant and graceful in your ways and words, you have a way of not just empathizing with those around you, but also making them feel more like themselves. You help them get a bit of their own identity back. However, because of your constant even temper and patience, people might seem to think that your emotions are shallow. Only loved ones know how deep your feelings run and how much strength it takes to keep it from overflowing.

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