Fun Test: The Gorgeous Feather You Pick Could Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Fun Test: The Gorgeous Feather You Pick Could Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

The split second it takes us to make a choice about something is all the time our personalities need to reveal themselves.

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More often than not, we end up revealing parts of our personality unknowingly. That is because our instinctive choices come from aspects of ourselves that we may not even know is there. Whether it's the color we love, the kind of places we want to travel to, or even the shape of a couch, it's these preferences that speak a lot about who we are as people. So even the feathers you pick as your favorite ones can not only unearth the kind of person you are and the commonalities you share with the bird, it can also reveal what you value in life and your relationships.


First, pick your favorite feather.

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Here's what your choice of feathers says about you:

1. Feather 1

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The deep blue and green hues of the peacock feathers never fail to mesmerize others, especially when those eye-catching patterns are flared out. So if you picked this feather, you're someone who, like the peacock, is a social person and the life of the party. People flock to you because they like the energy and intelligence you bring to any conversation. You're also the kind of person who is considered compassionate and non-judgmental. However, these same traits also tend to cause people to think that it's all a facade and underestimate you, believing that they can take advantage of your openness. When it comes to a relationship, you value communication and open-mindedness. For you, your partner should be able to show their vulnerable side the way you do them because when you love someone, you go all in.


2. Feather 2

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While this brown feather might seem dull at first glance, it takes a couple of looks to realize just how intricately gorgeous and layered the feathers actually are. And much like the majestic and confident eagle to whom these feathers belong, it takes time before people get to see that side of you. When they first meet you, they see someone who is grounded and can maintain a cool head in even the most stressful situations. Your loyalty and caring nature are what keeps people wanting your friendship but it's those closest to you who know that below the calm, composed exterior lies someone who can let down their hair and enjoy the moments of life. When it comes to relationships, you value honesty above everything else from your partner. However, if they betray your trust, you won't hesitate to leave; sometimes, even if there is a chance for reconciliation.


3. Feather 3

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These vibrant, bright feathers of the parrot are one to behold as they speak of a promise of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge. If this is the feather that caught your eye, you're someone who enjoys exploring new things and places while also learning everything you can about them. As a result, the experience you gain makes people see you as wise and intellectual, a trait that one sees in a leader. Your cheerful and generous nature makes you an easy target for those who try to pull wool over your eyes, but little do they know that you're far more street-smart than they realize. Because of how often this might happen, you do tend to find it difficult to trust people until they prove themselves worthy of it. With regards to your partner, you look for someone who enjoys taking risks with you and knows how to have fun. But more importantly, they also have to be someone who is willing to be there with you in the bad times as well as the good.


Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by (L) sarayut Thaneerat (M) Tim Platt (R) wera Rodsawang

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