Fun Test: The Heart Lines On Your Palm Can Reveal A Lot About Your Love Life | So What Is It Saying?

Fun Test: The Heart Lines On Your Palm Can Reveal A Lot About Your Love Life | So What Is It Saying?

Palmistry is "the art or practice of reading a person's character or future from the lines on the palms."

 The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines palmistry as "the art or practice of reading a person's character or future from the lines on the palms." Though the origins of the science aren't entirely clear, it is believed to have originated in ancient India before spreading to different parts of the world. 

As for how it is done, a lot of attention is focused on the various lines of your palm. Each line signifies something and the shape and size of it can help reveal certain things about you and your future. One of those lines is called the heart lines and can unearth what type of partner you are in your relationships. In order to find out what type you are, start by putting your hands together with the palms facing upwards. Make sure your fingers are at the same level before looking at the heart lines on both palms. While some people might see that the lines are aligned, some others might notice that one is higher than the other. 

So how does yours look and what does it say about you?

1. If your heart lines are at the same level


You're someone who values maintaining a balanced life. You aim to be passionate in various situations but also know how to relax when the time calls for it. With others, you are the kind of person who never fails to provide a shoulder to cry on or support when they need it. This reliability and stability you possess are what draws people to you, including romantic partners. You always take into account your partner's needs and feelings and are considerate about it. Your sensitivity is a breath of fresh air and it helps build up the romance between you two. 

But getting into a relationship is a little bit of a slow process for you. You put a lot of thought into what you want from it and who you want to be committed to. Once you decide to trust them, you don't hesitate to give all of yourself to them, even if it means a little heartbreak. 

2. If your left heart line is higher


You're the kind of person who loves to go all-in while taking risks. Your drive and passion in the pursuit of what others might find reckless only gives you that much more satisfaction when you achieve it. And this translates into your relationship as well. Any challenge in a relationship is one that you won't back away from, whether it's in good times and bad times. A few obstacles with a partner isn't about to make you cower in a corner. 

But the right person will also see you wear your heart on your sleeve for them. You aren't afraid to be you absolute authentic self and it's something they'll love about you. You also never fail to support your partner in achieving their dreams and standing by them through thick and thin. 

3. If your right heart line is higher


You're someone who is considered mature and emotionally stable. You prefer to avoid drama and that's what you bring to your relationships as well. Rather than have a number of short-term relationships, you prefer to be more cautious about the person you date and invest your emotions when you know it's something that has the potential to be long-term. For you, it's about looking to the future.

Due to your tendency to be mature, you might end up falling for someone who is older, even if your pairing seems odd. You would rather focus on people who share the same values as you and are looking to build a solid foundation while also taking the time to be spontaneous and adventurous to keep the spark alive. 





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