Fun Test: The Length of Ring Finger Can Reveal Interesting Facts About the Personality

Fun Test: The Length of Ring Finger Can Reveal Interesting Facts About the Personality

You might not realize it but this one finger of yours can reveal a lot about you . And it just might be eerily accurate.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 31, 2020. It has since been updated.

Every once in a while, we wonder what kind of person we are. Even if we are already self-aware, there are those moments of doubts and questions, where you try to see yourself through a different perspective. Sometimes a fun insight can lead to new understanding of ourselves.  


The length of your ring finger can tell you a lot about your personality. This finger is often associated with your love line, which is why engagement rings and wedding bands take a special significance. You might have noticed that when you straighten out your hand, either your ring finger is longer than your index, shorter than your index or at the same length as your index. So what does this say about you?

Note: Straighten out your left hand and compare it to the images below.

1. Hand A - A charming partner

Hand A

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then it could explain why so many people are drawn to you and often describe you as a "charming" person. You ooze confidence with an effortless charm, something that allows you to take more risks. And more often than not, the returns from those risk are quite good. Whether it's in your professional life or even with a romantic partner, you tend to see success as your main reward. 


While some might consider your risk-taking and ambitious nature as aggressive, you know what you want, so why not go for it? It could be a promotion or making sure the passion between you and your partner stays alive. Either way, it's these traits that hold you in good stead. 

However, it's important to tone down the charm based on your situation as not all people might see it as such. They might mistake it for arrogance or immaturity, something that will leave them with a bad impression of you. Sometimes you might feel misunderstood but pull up all that confidence you have to be yourself. Use your intelligence to adapt to various conditions and people. 


2. Hand B - A natural leader

Hand B

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then you're the kind of person that others look up to, to guide them. After all, you were born to lead the pack. No matter the situation you're stuck in, your quick wit keeps you from giving in to the pressure. You learn to adapt quickly to a new problem and use your resourcefulness, even temper, and confidence to handle it. When people see you, they see a person with all the answers.

However, it isn't always easy having people expect that of you. Sometimes, you just want to get away or let someone else handle the issues for a while. You need your own space and time to recharge. Not everyone understands this need. It makes you wonder if that's all that people see of you and you worry that the moment you don't live up to their standards, they'll dismiss you. 


But being a natural leader means you never give up. You do what is best for you and take everything that comes in your stride. 

3. Hand C - An empath

Hand C

If your ring finger and your index finger are the same length, you're the person everyone comes to, to spill their deepest secrets. Sometimes, it could even be people whom you don't even know very well. But people are drawn to the balanced aura you emit and stay because you listen well to them. Of course, not all of them might appreciate the truth you give them, no matter how nicely you put it. Even then, they still want to talk to you. 

When you're not doling out honesty, it's your nature of making others feel comforted and appreciated when they need it the most. You're a peaceful, compassionate, warm and kind person, one who is best when helping other people. You just wish that because you're nice and willing to listen, others can't just simply take advantage of you. After all, your listening skills give you the power to see through others.


However, in all of listening to others, you long for having someone you can share your own secrets with, the way you do to others. Because you fear that taking in everyone else's secrets will weigh you down. But don't worry, the strength inside you, the one you may not have found yet, is there to help you. 

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