Fun Test: The Type of Music You Like to Listen to Could Say a Lot About Your Personality

Fun Test: The Type of Music You Like to Listen to Could Say a Lot About Your Personality

Music can be a tool of support for all kinds of people, and the kind you like listening to the most could reveal a lot about you.


Music is the language of the soul and it has the ability to calm or uplift us. It can also help those who have depression. As per a small study, published in the journal Emotion, people with depression listen to sad music because it makes them feel better. Music can be a tool of support for all kinds of people, and thanks to all the genres out there, we can pick the kind we want to listen to. 


Our musical preferences also reveal a lot about our personality. One study, published in The American Journal of Psychology, conducted by researchers at Heriot-Watt University analyzed data from more than 36,000 participants from all over the world. They found that people can get defensive about their taste in music as it reveals their attitudes and personality. The lead researcher, Adrian North, said that people define themselves through their music choices and also use it as a way to relate to others, as per Verywell Mind.


If you also feel that way and want to know what your choice in music is giving away about your personality, read on. There are many different kinds of genres but here are the most popular ones and what they say about you:

1. Country music

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Those who like this genre are likely hardworking, conventional, and outgoing. Even though these songs are often about heartbreaks, if you like country music you are likely an emotionally stable person. You are also likely to be conservative and less open to experiences. You likely center your life around your family and your community. Your priorities might be less about your career and more about doing what's best for those you love.


2. Pop music

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If you love pop, then your personality probably stands out. You are likely an extroverted person and might be prone to feeling emotional highs and lows, as per Loop. However, that's true for a lot of people because let's face it, we live in turbulent times. You are also probably an honest and loyal friend and partner. Pop music lovers are hardworking and have high self-esteem, but they tend to be less creative.


3. Jazz, Blues, and Soul music

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Those who love jazz, blues, or soul music are likely to be more extroverted with high self-esteem. If you love these genres, then you are someone who always has ideas about different things to try. You are great at finding solutions and are considered creative and intelligent. You probably have varied interests and love exploring new things. You are someone who is at ease with themselves and you don't seek external validation.


4. Rock/Heavy Metal music

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Those who like these genres of music are likely to be someone unique. Even though rock and heavy metal have an aggressive image, it was found that their fans are usually quite gentle. If you like this sort of music then you are also likely to be creative but introverted. It's possible that you suffer from low self-esteem. It's also possible that you have a small group of friends with whom you are close.


5. Indie music

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If you like indie music then you could be someone who is introverted, intellectual, and creative. Indie music lovers are also not as hardworking or gentle as fans of some other music genres. It's possible that you have an anxious and passive personality, who also suffers from self-esteem. However, you care deeply about others and about making a name for yourself. You like to stand out from the crowd and your choice of music is a part of that.


6. Classical music

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If you like classical music, you have a healthy amount of self-esteem and good intuition. It's also likely that you are introverted but also very creative. You are someone at ease with the world and don't worry about what others think about you. You are probably a supportive person for those close to you. They might turn to you for advice because you are smart and knowledgeable. You probably give good advice to others.






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