Fun Test: The Tree You Are Instantly Drawn to Reveals Your Strongest Personality Trait

Fun Test: The Tree You Are Instantly Drawn to Reveals Your Strongest Personality Trait

The strongest people are the ones who make mistakes and are ready to fix them readily. Knowing our strengths just make us better people.

Not everyone knows what their strength or weakness is. It takes some digging on one's part but what if there was an easier way to it? There are certain things that people are attracted to and our choices can reveal who we are deep down or what our strongest trait is. Having that new knowledge about oneself doesn't mean that the work of self-discovery ends there. That is only the beginning. How we utilize those strengths in our daily lives makes all the difference.

If you want to find out our strongest trait, look at these trees and the one you are attracted to almost immediately will reveal it for you:

Source: Illustration | Shamik Das

Which one attracted you instantly? Here's what it says about your strongest personality trait:

1. Nurturing

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You may have been the oldest child of the family or even if not, you always took up the caretaking responsibility. You want to be there for people in their times of happiness and need. You are great at making others feel great about themselves and your presence is seen as nourishing by others. Those who know you, see you as the Mother Hen even if you aren't a mom. You just ooze warmth and joy, two traits that not many folks have. On the flip side, you are so giving that people don't always respect your boundaries, which is something you are probably still learning how to maintain.

2. Responsible

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

It's possible that you are someone who is efficient and come out as a leader usually. People look to you for guidance when they are lost and you have sage advice to give them. You probably like to get your tasks done as soon as possible and don't believe in depending on others to get it done. It's possible that you take up too much on your plate from time to time or you like to be a perfectionist at times. While you have exacting standards that may not have been the best strategy for your mental health, you want to be useful to others and help people. You are also someone who is cool in a crisis.

3. Creative

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You are someone who has many thoughts going on in their mind all the time. All the things you want to create, write, cook, knit, and journal are always swirling in your head. You are likely to be someone who loves many colors around them. You feel the ebb and flow of energy over a period of time. You may have periods when you have a surge of energy to create and then take a break to recover. You are also a fascinating person to be around and all your loved ones are probably charmed by your personality. You are lovable and fun to be with. People never feel bored around you because you have interesting things happening around you usually.

4. Consistent

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You like to go at something with all your strength. That tenacity makes you one of the strongest people. You are hardworking and learn from your mistakes easily because succeeding is very important to you. You are not content with doing only the least possible. It doesn't matter how long it takes you but you keep working on what matters to you, whether they are passion projects or relationships. Sometimes, that can be harmful to you because there are things that are out of your control which affects our lives. We need to be prepared for the chaotic and unprecedented things in life as well.

5. Reflective

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You are an independent thinker and that may mean that you like spending time alone. You are thoughtful and believe in being honest with people. You want to do the best for others. You are always looking for authentic emotional relationships and cut out people who you think are fake easily. You try to do the right thing even if that's the hard thing to do. You don't shy from the struggles in life but try to use the concept of mind over matter in those instances. While you are social, you may have a small circle of friends with whom you have meaningful friendships.

6. Down to earth

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You are approachable and simple. People know that they can come to you for help and won't be denied. You don't put on airs and are practical. You aren't fussy and adapt easily in different situations. You may have gone through many changes in life and learned to be flexible. You are authentic even though you are dynamic. You don't suffer fools and have no patience for those who pity themselves. You like to get going, get things done, and people love you for your humor. You are not one to mince words or think a 100 times before speaking your mind. Others might see you as abrasive but they know you are one of the most genuine people.

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