Fun Test: What Does Your Partner's Sleeping Position Say About Him?

Fun Test: What Does Your Partner's Sleeping Position Say About Him?

So much can be known about a man from the way he sleeps. Whether they are gentle and caring or leadership material, a lot of secrets can be revealed.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of anyone's day. Having adequate sleep has many benefits, including a longer life expectancy, fewer chances of mental and physical illnesses. On the days when we have had enough sleep, we may have felt fresh, confident, and just ready to take on the world. So, is everyone's way of going to sleep similar? In some ways, yes, and in others, no. People have different sleep routines, habits, and even sleep positions.

Our partner's sleeping position can reveal a lot about them. The way a man sleeps can say what kind of person he is and some of his intimate preferences too. Let's look at the various sleep positions to know more:

1. Fetal position

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If he sleeps curled up with his legs folded and knees near his chest, he is sensitive and sweet. This childlike position shows that they crave comfort and those who sleep like this might be shy. "The womblike position sends soothing signals throughout the body," said Dr. Samuel Dunkell, author of Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body, to Cosmopolitan.

They might try to show a tough exterior but their soft heart shines through, according to KTAR News. Also, there are advantages of sleeping in this position. Men who pick this sleep position are relieving pressure from their discs. Sleeping in the fetal position opens the space between the vertebrae, as per to Healthline. According to Sleepadvisor, 41% of people have this sleep position.

2. Soldier position

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The soldier position is when someone sleeps on their back with legs and arms straight by their side. Only 8% of people sleep in this position and it is great for the head, neck, and spine, according to Sleep.org. Those who sleep in this position have a quiet and reserved personality. They are likely to be someone with really high standards. They also don't let people into their lives easily. They take time own time getting to know people no matter how long it takes.

There is another version of this sleeping position where the arms and legs are loosely placed. That kind of sleeper is likely to be open and secure, as per Cosmopolitan.

3. Log position

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This is one of the common sleep positions and the people who sleep like this are likely to be laid-back and easy to compromise. They have a flexible nature, said Dr. Dunkell. "These people are equally fine rolling to their left or their right, whereas the other positions are more steadfast." The way he sleeps also reveals how he likes to be physically intimate. "His heightened emotions mean he loves leisurely foreplay," said Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language to Cosmopolitan. At least 15% of people sleep like this and it has health benefits too. However, remember to switch sides from time to time to prevent cramping.

4. Freefall position

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Only 7% of people sleep in this position. A man who likes to sleep face down likes to be in control. "That need doesn't stop just because he's asleep," said Dr. Dunkell. "Covering the bed with his body is his way of controlling the space he's sleeping in," he added. Those who sleep like this are strong-willed and know what they want. "These men are usually focused and goal-oriented," said Wood. He is also likely to be traditional when it comes to intercourse. "So it's likely he'll stick to the position that works for both of you," says Wood.

5. Yearner position

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Only 13% of people sleep in this position. Those who sleep on the side with their legs straight out and the arms out are likely to be cynical and suspicious of people. They are also likely to be rigid. Once they make up their mind they won't change their decision.

It's also a good position to sleep in. If you have health concerns like heartburn, you should sleep on your left side since it will relieve you of acid reflux. Sleeping on the right side can make it worse, according to KTAR News.

6. Starfish position

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Most people move around in their sleep but if your partner moves around constantly then they are most likely stressed. "When you're under pressure, the brain releases hormones
that trigger the fight-or-flight response in your sleep," says Dr. Dunkell. Usually, it can reduce eventually but if he goes through this for a long time it's possible that he's on edge. That will translate into his daily behavior too, where he gets frustrated or angry easily. Exercise might help in easing the symptoms. If he's stressed, he's either going to want a lot of stress or none at all.






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