Fun Test: The Wedding Dress You Choose Reveals What Kind of a Bride You Will Be

Fun Test: The Wedding Dress You Choose Reveals What Kind of a Bride You Will Be

The clothes we pick says a lot about us and so, our choice of wedding dress is likely to be revealing of the kind of bride we will be.

Many women dream of their perfect white wedding dress all their life. They have the design, fabric, cut, everything thought down to the T. They want it to reflect their personality, whether they do it intentionally or not. This is why the wedding dress that you choose, will reveal the kind of bride you will be. Romantic or modern or traditional, your dress gives it away.

Here are six different kinds of wedding dresses to pick from, and what it reveals about you as a bride:

1. The A-line dress


This silhouette is modern and chic. It is likely that if you pick this design, you are an organized woman. You probably have been calling most of the shots for your wedding organizing and yet you are looking for a timeless appeal. You want people to have a good time than create some dramatic moments during the event. You want the dress you highlight your assets and your winning smile. You are likely someone who focusses on the essentials and picks classic styles rather than over-the-top glamourous looks. You are all about balance at your wedding and in life.

2. The ball gown

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

You may seem a little traditional to those who don't know you well, however picking a ball gown wedding dress has nothing to do with you being conservative. You are all about romance and this is what your dress signifies. You want to keep the magic of love alive in your life for as long as possible. As a bride and as a woman, you believe in love and happily ever after. You are someone who would want to include most of your family on your special day because you value family. It's possible Kate Middleton is an inspiration for you.

3. The mermaid dress

Source: Photo by Gregory Byerline

This is a trending silhouette even though it has been around for a few years now. It shows how much confidence you have in yourself and you want the world to know that. As a bride, you want the world to be wowed by your beauty. After all, it is your day and you probably imagined about this day for years. There is no stopping someone with such a zest for life. This sophisticated and glamorous look will get you the attention you wanted to direct on yourself on your special day. You will be impressing not just your groom but everyone at the event.

4. The sheath dress


The sheath dress is meant to be form fitting and it highlights all the curves in a woman's body. It is understated but makes a statement. Pair it with a statement necklace and you have a look that will be unforgettable. If this is the look you prefer, then you are a calm and collected person. It shows that you are a woman of quiet power and that subtle drama shows through on your wedding day as well. As a bride, you are not afraid of what the future will bring. You embrace it with open arms because you are confident you can handle anythi

5. The non-white wedding dress


You are likely always in with the times. You probably love following trends and being on top of them. This shows that you are a modern woman and an even more modern bride. You are probably not going to go for the traditional big wedding but would love to keep it small for your friends and family only. You want the day to be special and intimate. You love focussing on the important people in your life and one of the easier ways to do so would be to have a small wedding. However, you don't want to skimp on how you look on your special day.

6. The tea-length dress 


If you like this shorter version of the wedding dress, you are a fun and flirty person. Your wedding is one big party for you and you don't want your big dress to get in the way. You want to have as much fun as possible on your special day with your loved ones and you are not big on the traditions. You probably have other ways to make the day more glamorous like outfit changes or dramatic entry. After all, you don't want the attention to wander off of you.




Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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