Fun Test: This Is What the Shape of Your Fingernail Reveals About Your Personality

Fun Test: This Is What the Shape of Your Fingernail Reveals About Your Personality

Personality quizzes are a great way to unwind and find something unique about ourselves that we were previously unaware of.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 6, 2019.

The smallest feature of your body can reveal things about your personality that you may be unaware of. Be it the shape of your fingers, the color of our eyes or the shape of our face, they all reveal different aspects that can open up new knowledge to help you reflect on yourself.


Now, the natural shape of your fingernails will be able to tell you things that you may not have noticed about yourself. read on to find out if it's true!

1. Broad rectangle

Broad rectangle

If you have nails that are broad and rectangular, you are most likely an analytical person who likes to think things through first. You have your wits about yourself in even the most trying situations, which is why many people depend on you during tough times. They seek you out for your advice since your clear thinking skills make you a good judge of people. You are also someone who values building and making new things. However, your emphasis is on the usefulness of it rather than aesthetics.


2. Tall rectangle

Tall Rectangle

If your fingernails are long and rectangular, you are most likely a charming and sociable person. You are someone who likes to look for novelty, whether it's in your experiences or the people you meet. However, you are a careful person who likes to look at two sides of the coin so you can do the right thing. Your search for new things doesn't make you any less detail-oriented. Even though you seek adventure, you want the controls to be in your hand.

3. Square



If your nails look square, then you are probably a serious person who likes to stand out from the crowd. You want to be recognized for your talents and skills, but you don't want to ingratiate yourself to others. Others might think of you as reserved and standoffish, but probably they don't understand you well. They might not have tried to get to know you in-depth. However, that doesn't stop you from being there for them in their times of need. You can be a leader in tough times and command people.

4. Oval


If your nail looks like an oval, almost like an almond, then you could be someone honest, loyal, and dependable. You are someone who looks for happiness in simple pleasures instead of looking towards a lofty life. You are down-to-earth and emotionally sensitive. While you know how to get things done and are resilient, there is also a soft side to you that you keep hidden. The sensitive and caring side is for your closest people to see. You are mostly a happy-go-lucky person but take criticism to heart.


5. Round


If you have round nails, then you are likely to be a creative and dramatic person. You want to be seen and heard by those around you. The admiration you receive from others is important to you. You are also likely to be fun and exciting, which is why people flock to you. However, you are someone who chooses friends carefully and are very loyal. You would want those close to you to share the joy you have.

6. Triangle



If you have triangular nails, you are probably someone who is gentle and elegant. Your choices may also be sophisticated and refined. While people might mistake your gentleness as weakness, that is not the case. You are very aware of what you want and know how to pursue your goals. There is a burning passion within you that others might not be able to see. You like to express your personality through your actions rather than talking about it.





Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.