Fun Test: The Way You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Tube Could Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Fun Test: The Way You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Tube Could Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

It might seem like an everyday task, but you can discover a lot with a little observation.

Your day-to-day activities might seem insignificant in the larger scheme of things but what we forget to understand is that habits help shape our lives in one or the other way. To discover how one is in their life, it's best to observe how you perform your mundane tasks even if it means the way you squeeze your toothpaste.

Sounds bizarre, right? But do you know that the way you squeeze the toothpaste out of a tube can reveal what kind of a person you are? That's right, it does.

People have different ways of squeezing out toothpaste and here's what it means:

1. You leave no impressions on the tube while squeezing the paste

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

This means you are an artistic person and a dreamer. You are usually bursting with ideas and vivid imagination that you like to share with everyone. Being empathetic and considerate, you are well aware of the feelings of the people around you. Even though you are tolerant and patient, you are surprisingly straight-forward and always speak the truth, but with sensitivity.

2. You squeeze the toothpaste from the middle

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

In this case, you are a person who's usually in a rush and always active. You might not come across as the most organized person but you are someone who is very adaptive to different situations. No matter what problem you're in, you tend to find a solution for it without fail.

You are extremely talented when it comes to holding interesting conversations. Charming a group of people is no big deal for you. Even though you seem off-balance sometimes, you surprise people with your pragmatic side. You are the support system to a lot of individuals and your loved ones as you are the most emotionally stable person.

3. You squeeze the toothpaste from the top

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

You never back out from a challenge and are always ready to go to any extent to reach your goals. Squeezing the toothpaste from the neck of the tube shows that you want to see results one way or the other, and fast. Very independent, you don't like relying on others for your needs as you know you are sufficient in all ways. You are a bit stubborn and selfish but only to the extent till you get your things done.

Confidence is the key to your success and you draw inspiration from yourself as you're highly self-motivated. You do feel lonely sometimes because the fact that you keep to yourself tends to alienate you from the others. You're not a big fan of negative comments but once you accept it, you put all your effort into making things better by growing beyond your weaknesses.

4. You squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

As you work your way to the top of the toothpaste tube by rolling the bottom of the toothpaste, you project that you're a perfectionist. You like to do things in a certain way while maintaining order. You are thrifty and also take care of all your possessions.

You are a minimalist because you make sure that you use your possessions to its maximum potential. Hard work is your motto and so people trust you with responsibility with all their hearts and minds. You might be organized on the outside but sometimes you might be in pieces on the inside. Responsibilities can be overwhelming for you in a few cases and you wish for someone to share your burden for a change.

5. You squeeze the toothpaste out from anywhere

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

You are a person who might find it hard to be punctual and tidy all the time but you are a very artistic and creative person with something or the other in your mind all the time. You don't like to follow rules and believe that the world is full of possibilities and you're the one meant to explore it.

You are open to new ideas and excited to learn new things. You have a child-like curiosity when it comes to new experiences and a very happy-go-lucky personality. When things don't work out your way, you only see them as stepping stones to something better. However, you can be quite unpredictable sometimes with sudden mood swings. People might complain about your attention span but it's overlooked by the energy you bring into a room and the effort you put into making things right.

Now go take a look at your toothpaste tube and tell us what you learnt about yourself!

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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