Fun Quiz: What Your Favourite Beverage Reveals About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: What Your Favourite Beverage Reveals About Your Personality

What's the one drink that you find yourself having most often? The flavors you enjoy the most can say much about who you are.

Choices maketh a man or woman. The small choices we make every day say a lot about us. They are non-verbal clues into our inner selves and includes information that we may not know about ourselves. Things like your favorite color to your favorite drink can shine a light into some of the hidden depths of your personality. It can also tell you things you had a clue about but weren't sure about yourself. 

The moment we wake up in the morning, we crave for our favorite drink that can help us start our day. For everyone, it's different. We hardly think about it much but it can reveal a lot about our personality.  

1. Coffee 

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If coffee is what you gravitate towards every morning, you are likely to be active, motivated, and outgoing. You prefer calling a spade a spade and don't care much for frail egos and fake people. If you like your coffee black, you are a no-nonsense person who views the drink as a fuel for the rest of the day. You are practical and organized, but at times you do feel overwhelmed with everything going on in your life.  If you like your coffee with milk or cream, you still have a low threshold for BS but you are a tad bit more polite or choose the highway. You can hold a conversation with anyone but that doesn't mean you are always an extrovert. In a relationship, you value honesty the most and prefer someone who can communicate well and doesn't expect you to read their mind. 

2. Tea

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A tea lover prioritizes harmony and values their inner peace above everything else. This doesn't mean you have lazy days. You like to balance your busy life and socializing with some quiet time. "Me time" is an absolute must for you, and you often take time out to connect with yourself and tune out the noise of the world. You prefer gathering good experiences rather than collect materialistic things. You are also likely to enjoy traveling and finding new places and cultures to explore. You are also likely to be highly creative and have an active imagination. You could be an extrovert who loves socializing or an introvert. But like all things in life you focus on striking the right balance. Deep meaningful conversations matter more to you than being part of larger groups. In a relationship, you appreciate emotional intimacy over other things. 

3. Hot chocolate 

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If you love hot chocolate, then you are someone who is still in touch with their inner child. You love the feeling of curling up with a cozy blanket on your couch and enjoying the little pleasures of life. You take delight in pretty things and appreciate beauty wherever you find it. Your home is likely to be warm and cozy. You make a great friend because it is easy for you to tune into others' feelings. People often feel comforted by your presence. They are likely to open up and tell you things they won't tell others. While you have a way to calm others, you also have a mischevious side to you, which comes out only around loved ones. You value kindness the most in relationships. Anyone who treats others with disrespect turns you off immediately. 

4. Water

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You are simple, but not basic. You like clarity in your life and know exactly what you want. Although you might be uncertain of certain decisions, your strength comes from your deep values and self-belief. You hate hypocrisy and cannot stand fake people. You are likely to have a few good friends who respect you for who you are, and you are picky about who you choose to have in your social circle. You have high standards but you don't let them burden you.  You are a perfectionist, but sometimes, this can lead others to think you are stubborn. In relationships, you believe love can only exist if there is mutual respect and genuine appreciation for each other.  You are not someone to be sold by grand gestures. You are likely to feel more loved when someone remembers the little things.

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