Fun Test: What Does the Shape of Your Ears Reveal About Your Personality?

Fun Test: What Does the Shape of Your Ears Reveal About Your Personality?

A lot could be revealed about a person's personality and even future from the shape of their facial features, including your ears.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 20, 2020. It has since been updated.

According to Your Chinese Astrology, the shape of the ear could be an indicator of your luck and fortune. The pattern and design of the lobe and ear could reveal details about our personality and psyche. It could also reveal who we truly are as a person. As per Chinese traditions, the top part of the ear is called Heaven Helix and the lobe is called the Earth Helix. The ideal size of the ear they believe is one where the Heaven Helix is in line with the eyebrow and the Earth Helix is in line with the tip of the nose.


Here's what the shape of your ear could reveal about you:

A. Square ear

Square ear

Just like the shape of their ears, people with square ears are very creative and imaginative. You are intelligent and add value to the world around you. You are also sensitive and know how to empathize with people and feel their pain. You go on listening to different stories from different people and learning from them. However, when it comes to choosing your friends you keep your walls high, standards higher. You don't allow people to just get in your life, that's maybe because not everyone deserves to and you know it. But when they become a part of your life, their life might change for the good.

B. Pointed ear

Pointed ear


Just like the pointy-eared elves, you too are very sharp and keen. You are keen observers and scrutinizers; meaning it is your inherent quality to analyze the nature of a person or situation so you have an idea about their intentions and consequences. You can be a little hard to deal with in a relationship because you are a perfectionist and you want everything to be right; so much so that at times, you forget that neither you nor others would be able to be right always. But your keen sensibilities always help you be a good friend and human being.

C. Narrow ear

Narrow ear

If you have narrow ears it might mean that you are a deep person. You are thoughtful and don't like to say things that don't mean anything. You might come across as an introvert because you don't like to engage in small talks. But when with the right person, with whom you share the same bandwidth, it is hard to stop you. You can talk about life, love, career, and other deep things, for hours together. Therefore, you tend to attract people who share similar interests as you.


D. Sticking-out ears

Sticking-out ears

Like the shape of your ear, your ideas about life are also very different. You are quirky and friendly and you might make some really good friends who understand you for who you are, in turn, they will also get a friend who makes them feel like they belong. However, your quirkiness might render you lonely sometimes because there will be very few people who truly understand you. But eventually, you will attract the right people, thanks to your honest quirks.

E. Round ears

Round ears


The one thing you should know is that if your friends let you go, it will a great loss for them. You are loyal and sensitive; two rare qualities in the modern era. You could take a bullet in the heart for a true friend and you expect the same loyalty from the people around you. While this could mean that you would surround yourself with empathetic and loyal people, this could also mean that even the smallest betrayals could throw you off and you might find it difficult to forgive people.

F. Attached lobe

Attached earlobe

If you don't have a distinct earlobe you probably have a big heart and are generous. You are warm, welcoming. You not only understand people's issues but also try to find out solutions to them. But you can be introverted and reserved and that might keep you away from social gatherings and leave you with very few friends. But hey! There are genuine people out there who appreciate an empath.


G. Broad ear

Broad ear

People with broad ears normally like to lead a laid back life. You don't mind letting things go and deal with situations as they come. You don't stress on matters that don't require immediate attention. However, this demeanor of yours might get you in difficult circumstances which could have been avoided but thanks to your social and warm nature you have many friends who get your back when you need them to.




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