Fun Test: What Does Your Favorite Scented Candle Say About You?

Fun Test: What Does Your Favorite Scented Candle Say About You?

There are so many different scents to choose from. And each of them speaks volumes about your moods and emotions.

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Lighting a scented candle and enjoying its aroma with some music on can be refreshing and calming to the soul. With so many scents to choose from, you can sometimes be a little confused but we all have our favorite ones. Did you know your favorite candle scent can say a lot about you and your moods? Well, they can reveal the secrets of your personality.

1) Fruity scents

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Fruity flavor lovers are outgoing and social. If you are one of them, you should know that your energy brings a lot of positivity to the lives of the people you love. When your loved ones feel low, they hope to have you by their side because your words encourage them and uplift their spirits. Even strangers fall in love with the warmth of your personality.


These scented candles are not popular. This liking of yours is linked to your enthusiasm to try different things in life. It also indicates your love for baked goodies. Moreover, you enjoy a bit of adventure and do not fear being spontaneous.


You are attracted to apple-scented candles because it does not overpower the room. It also depicts a part of your personality that naturally gives up your stage for your loved ones to shine. You always make sure that the people close to you are heard and appreciated.


2) Tropical scents

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Your personality is attracted to tidy and clutter-free spaces. You are a vibrant person who is often relaxed. You are at ease in a new place and adapt to new things quickly. You build interesting relationships as you like going with the flow. But keeping up with these relationships is not your strength.



If you love lemon-scented candles, you are someone who appreciates fresh and clean spaces. The smell is as refreshing as your personality and it takes away any negativity in the air. Your fondness of this scent comes from your courage to brave through your toughest days with the brightest smile.


The coconut scent takes you into a vacation mode. You feel like a carefree person on a vacation with the cool breeze hitting the locks of your tied-up hair. Your personality type is fond of solitude in the midst of chaos and that is one of the reasons you like coconut scented candles.


3) Woody scents

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The smell of the woods is your kind of scent because of your attachment to nature. You enjoy trekking than visiting the museum or being at an amusement park with your family. You are a tough nut to crack and not many feel connected to your deep thoughts. You are careful about the people you allow into your life and you measure each person's character before getting close to them.



Fresh air and misty green outdoor invigorates you. The fondness of this scent comes from your fearless personality. You never give up and you yearn for success. You are not afraid to push yourself to achieve your goals and your determination is a motivation to the ones around you.


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Your fondness of sandalwood aroma portrays that side of your personality that cares for the people whom you hold on to. You are always there for them. In case of a disagreement, you resolve it logically without escalating issues. They respect that about you.

4) Floral scents 

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Romance is your weakness and watching a sappy romantic movie is one of your favorite hobbies. You believe in the magic of love and weddings leave you teary-eyed. You love floral scents because of its calming properties and its nostalgic feels. As a person who holds on to memories, these scents help you reminisce about your childhood, your lovers, and every other good old day.


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This scent brings out the romantic you are. Moreover, it shows that side of you that makes everyone feel loved and appreciated. You do not hold grudges and even those who dislike you eventually start to see the goodness of your heart.


The scent of lavender is known to calm the mind. When you feel your life is sinking, you hold on to things that rejuvenate you. Your love for lavender scent comes from this. You refuse to be disheartened and find ways to battle the negative energy within you.

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