Fun Test: Your Favorite Flower Reveals What Kind of Woman You Are

Fun Test: Your Favorite Flower Reveals What Kind of Woman You Are

Your favorite bloom may have answers to some of your questions about yourself and the kind of person you are.

Your favorite flower, whether it's a rose, daisy, or orchid, could be revealing a lot about your personality. There is even a language of flowers called floriography invented in the 19th century. Flowers are easily missed but they liven up a home completely. Place it in any corner of the house and it adds a pop of color and not to mention, fragrance. In fact, they are so loved that they have made their way into clothes as well, in the form of floral prints or embroideries.

So, what does your favorite flower say about you?

1. Roses

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Those who love roses are seen as sophisticated individuals. It doesn't matter which color or variety you prefer, roses are classic and romantic. Stephanie Herron of Scotts Flowers New York City, tells RD that those who love roses know how to defend themselves. The flowers need to be handled with care since rough handling can bruise it and it also has thorns for those who want to harm. Just like the plant, the people who love it are sensitive but strong. 

You lead with your heart and not head, as you are deeply passionate individuals. You likely prefer feminine apparel and are always striving for perfection. You can be traditional and focus on the family, says Bloomthis

2. Tulips

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You're as sunny as this flower loves the sun. People love to be around you because you are a positive and laid back person, who has a lot of close friends. You go with the flow and follow positive experiences. You are also sweet and thoughtful, and most likely the life of the party. Your friends and family want you around them all the time. You love to travel with your friends and go out to have interesting experiences. 

It is easy for you to make new friends when you enter a situation as well because of your charming personality. Every morning is a fresh new beginning for you and you just want to grab life with your two hands. You love experiencing new things. 

3. Daisies

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The word daisy comes from an Old English word that means “day’s eye.” It is a symbol of innocence, hope and purity. Those who love this flower are cheerful and positive individuals. They are optimists and sometimes their thinking is very fantasy-like as well. They see the silver lining for every situation. Not only are you positive, but you also share it with the people around you as well. You influence people to have a better, healthier, and happier life, which makes you something of a role model for many.

Your energy is also youthful and fresh. Friendships are very important to you. You can be a very loyal person for friends, you will have their back no matter what. This is one of the reasons that people love having you in their lives.

4. Orchid

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Orchids represent mysterious and exotic beauty. They show refinement and maturity as well, according to apartmenttherapy. Those who love orchids are all these things and more. They embrace their feminine nature and hold a special place in people's lives. These flowers grace special occasions after all. People who love this flower are sophisticated and demurely sexy. Their chic style sets them apart from the crowd and even without asking for attention they receive it. There is a poise that comes naturally to those who love it.

People are drawn to you because of your grace and dignity. There is nothing loud in your attire or boisterous in your personality to draw attention. However, you are observant and your style quotient, which is all about the details, makes you a force to reckon with.

5. Peony

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You live in the moment and seek the most entertaining situation to hop on to. You are sweet and love luxury, which makes you loved and always in demand. “One must live in the moment with the blooming peony, appreciating it while you can, because you know you will spend most of your time without it,” says Herron to Reader's Digest. Peony lovers are visionaries who look towards the future for better and more profitable times.

According to apartmenttherapy, they have many meanings, including bashfulness, compassion, indignation, or shame. It shows a happy and healthy life, with good relationships. You are forward-facing and positive that your efforts will materialize and give results. You are empathetic and bold. You are not afraid to experiment in your life.





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