Fun Test: This Is What Your Fingerprint Reveals About Your Personality

Fun Test: This Is What Your Fingerprint Reveals About Your Personality

Different parts of us can reveal different aspects of our personality. Fingerprints are an entirely unique way of knowing about ourselves.

Every person has a unique set of fingerprints, which also become a source of identification for us. Our fingerprints don't change with age or growth and it has come to be an aide for law enforcement, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. But, beyond the use of fingerprints in tracking down offenders, it also reveals a lot about our own personalities.

A person's innate potential, personality, and preferences can be analyzed through dermatoglyphics, a study of the fingerprints. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, according to dermatoglyphics.org.

While fingerprints can be visible to the naked eye, if you have trouble finding them, you can use a magnifying glass or dip your finger in paint and leave an impression on paper to find yours.

Here are the most common types of fingerprints, and what they say about you:

1. Curves 

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If your fingerprints are in this pattern, you are likely to be an energetic and confident person. The confidence you exude will be visible in all your actions. You believe in yourself and don't always seek other people's opinions, which might make you seem stubborn. You are a rational thinker and a planner, who might have difficulty changing with a dynamic environment. You are a loyal friend, who would never abandon them for personal gains. However, you have no problems using your network to find more appealing opportunities. Since you are somewhat set in your ways, people might think of you as standoffish and ill-tempered, but that is not the case. You simply know what you want and go after it with all that you got.

2. Loops

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If your fingerprints form loops, then you are likely to be a calm and peaceful person. You see the good in people and the silver lining in every situation. You are also likely to be a person with an open and big heart. When people have a problem, you might be the first to offer them help and you are always open to listening to others' problems. You know how to sympathize with people and that sometimes might make you seem like a pushover. Straightforward and hardworking, you don't like to play games and instead tell things as they are. You expect others to be straightforward too, but that is rarely the case. You have a creative mind and dislike doing anything tedious. If you are stuck doing something tedious, it is because you have other imaginative pursuits you do in your free time.

3. Swirls 

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If you have swirls in your fingerprints, you are someone known for their directness. You don't suffer fools and are open about it, but you don't hold grudges. You might come off as a mysterious person since you don't enjoy revealing your inner thoughts and feelings easily. You are also someone who doubts those around you. You have high dreams and ambitions for yourself and strive for perfection. It might be possible that you are dissatisfied quite frequently and mostly you have a grouse with yourself. There are many layers to your personalities and those who know you are most likely to say that it took them a long time to understand you well. If you have swirls on both index fingers, you might be someone who is a thinker. You prefer pursuits that need complex thinking and you like to build structures. 





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