Fun Test: What is The Color of Your Soul? Here is What It Says About You

Fun Test: What is The Color of Your Soul? Here is What It Says About You

Our souls are more than just the very essence of our being. They also have their own color that throws light on our personalities.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 20, 2020. It has since been updated.

Have you ever felt drawn to one particular color? It might be your favorite color or just the one that you seem to gravitate toward more often than not. It somehow soothes you and makes you feel like you've found yourself. Well, that color could be your soul color and it can reveal a lot more about your personality than you might realize.


If you're not sure what your soul color is, here is a simple way to find out. Simply close your eyes and think of a color you really love. Really concentrate and don't force any thoughts. The one color that comes to you and stays in your mind is the one that can be identified as your soul color. Once you do that, read what it reveals about you.

1. Red

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Those whose soul color is red are passionate beings with a verve to enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it's in pursuing your dreams or making a relationship work, you don't hesitate to give it your all. You're the kind of person your friends know they can rely on to be there when they need you. They also know that you're the life of the party, no matter how small the party itself is. Your loyalty, confidence and deep ability to love are what draws them to you.


2. Blue


As a cool color, if this is your soul color, you're the kind of person who knows how to stay calm in various intense situations and somehow bring harmony to it. Your sensitivity to people's emotions and the environment around you is the reason people come to you for advice. They see how organized and tidy you keep your life and see you as an anchor in the chaos of their own life.

3. White

If this is your soul color, you're the kind of person who enjoys a clutter-free and stress-free life. You like taking things slow and noticing the small things which make life beautiful — things that others might miss. In a relationship, your partner can count on you to create a true home that they can come back to and unwind. And with your other close ones, they know you truly care because you're one of the few who actually sees the good in them no matter what.


4. Purple

Like the gorgeous color itself, if this is your soul color, then you're the type of person who sees the world through a lens not many others can see. Your artistic and unique nature truly sets you apart from the rest. But more than that, the color in itself is indicative of royalty and like one, you carry yourself with elegance and grace almost effortlessly. While this could come off as arrogance to those who don't know you, it's actually a sign of your quiet confidence.

5. Green

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If green is your soul color, you're the kind of person who values honesty above everything else. Because you know how important it is, especially in your relationships, you expect that those close to you will reciprocate. Those who genuinely care about you also know how loyal you are when they prove themselves to be trustworthy. Your kindness towards everyone makes you a special person.


6. Black

Though this color usually has negative connotations, if you have this soul color, your heart is actually quite pure. Sensitive and artistic, you love to absorb all the knowledge around you and make something beautiful sprout from it. Though you don't usually maintain a huge group of friends, the people who you allow to see the real you know how generous you are. But what truly draws them to you is your empathy, a trait that isn't very common.

7. Brown

If this is your soul color, you're the kind of person who is an amazing friend. Reliable and dependable, those who are close to you are more than happy to have you around them because they know you'd be there for them in a jiffy. However, what many mistakenly believe about you is that you would allow them to take advantage of your kindness. Little do they know that your intelligence helps you spot the genuine people from the fake ones.


8. Yellow

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Like the bright color, you're the kind of person who is usually optimistic about life. You see beauty everywhere you go and you love learning about new things, whether it's about cultures, food, places, or even science. Because of how positive you are, finding happiness comes easier to you than it does to others, who might spend a lifetime looking but not able to find it. Even then, you are the type to try and help them find what makes them happy... it's just who you are.

9. Orange

If your soul color is orange, you're the kind of person who is associated with warmth and laughter. You have this energy to cheer up even the sulkiest of people and your giving heart means they just can't help but open up to you. Your good sense of humor helps you overcome tough challenges and this ability of yours is an inspiration to others, even if you don't realize it. Whether you're in a relationship or around loved ones, your warmth makes everyone feel like they've come home.






Source: Getty Images | Photo by Francesco Carta fotografo

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