Fun Test: What Number Is in the Circle? | Everyone's Seeing A Different Number

Fun Test: What Number Is in the Circle? | Everyone's Seeing A Different Number

Let's see what your guess is.

Things travel very fast on the internet. In no time, any content or information can go viral all over the world. This time, what has taken the internet by storm is an optical illusion that was shared on Twitter by a user named @benowine. 

It's a fairly simple riddle, the illusion shows a number concealed in a black and grey striped circle, and the Twitter user is asking their followers to reveal the number in it, if they can spot one. Though initially, it seems like a breeze, every subsequent glance at the puzzle reveals the complexity in it. The fact that the stripes are arranged in uneven spirals makes it even trickier to work out the numbers.

Since it's so hard and people can't seem to finalize on one answer, it has given birth to memes, questions, and honest queries about eyesight issues!

Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure the answer out:



Still not able to land on the right answer? Well, believe it or not, there are 7 digits in total and the answer is: 3452839.   

Did you get it right? If you just said no, then don't worry, you're evidently not alone. Here are some of the funniest responses to the mind-boggling puzzle!



One frustrated user left a comment, "What is the point of this 😕", and it's most likely because they had a hard time figuring it out, just like most of us. "I’ve seen this one before. If you make it full screen, stare at the dot in the centre for 60 seconds then look at the ceiling you see the word “gullible”," added another user



Of course, once the first person guessed the answer right, several others followed suit. However, some kind souls even left explainations as to how they actually managed to figure out the entire seven digits, and it's quite simple, if you think about it. 

A user who got the answer right explained how she landed there. "Funnily enough, when I click on reply and it gives me a thumbnail, it’s much clearer. Because it’s not moving, I guess? Anyway, 3452839 BUT 528 was clear, 45283 was more visible in some lighting than others, and the 3 & 9 at the ends were hard to see at all," she shared

"If you just slide the notification panel a little you can see it clearly!" added another







Now, based off of these comments, what's worse? Your eyesight or your memory? Because something's gotta give!



Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Benowine

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