Fun Test: This Is What the Shape Of Your Eyelashes Says About Your Personality

Fun Test: This Is What the Shape Of Your Eyelashes Says About Your Personality

The kind of eyelashes you have reveal some hidden depths about your personality, and they speak volumes.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul but did you know that even your eyelashes speak volumes about you? The volume of your lashes has much to say about who you are. Our bodies reveal the hidden secrets of our personality and it gives away a lot, even when we try to keep it to ourselves or might not be aware of it. One of the parts of us that reveal the hidden depths, strengths, and weaknesses is our eyelashes. It might sound surprising but what is actually surprising is how accurate it is.

If you are wondering how our eyelashes can give away parts of our personality, first look at the shape of your lashes. The way they curl, fan out, and the sheer volume or lack of it are the things that give away who we are inside.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tatyana Kolchugina

Did you figure out what kind of eyelashes you have? Now find out what they reveal about you:

1. Natural

If you have the natural shaped eyelash, then you have medium volume, and short length throughout. It shows that you care about who you are within more than showing a certain perception of yourself. You are likely someone who likes to go with the flow and doesn't care about micromanaging things. While you like order in your life, you are not going to fixate on what you can't control. You like yourself the way you are and expect others to do the same. In your case, people get what they see.


2. Cat

If you have longer lashes on the outer side of your eye, then you have cat eyelashes. It shows a mysterious soul that unintentionally hides behind a wall. You are not someone who opens up easily and you need time to reveal your true self to others. You are a guarded person but that doesn't mean you are aloof. Once you open up to others, you are a joyful person who loves having fun. You may not like big groups but you are close to the intimate friend and family group that you have.

3. Cluster

If you have naturally long and curled lashes spaced apart on the upper lid, you have cluster eyelashes. They reveal your feminine and vulnerable side. You are someone who is sensitive but still, continues to believe in people. You might have faced hurt and pain multiple times but you believe that people are good overall. While you understand that people have been through their own traumas in their life you don't let them take advantage of you. You are a supportive and loving person.


4. Open

Open eyelashes are voluminous and close together. They are medium in length as well. If you have this type of eyelashes, you are someone who prefers clarity in life even if that makes you seem rude, at times. You are a decisive person and expect others to not dilly dally either. You have plenty of leadership skills but you struggle with motivating others, sometimes. Being a strong and independent person is important to you.


5. Doll

If you have naturally thick and curled lashes spread throughout your upper lid, you have doll eyelashes. You might be someone who likes to look good all the time and you focus on putting your best foot forward. You are a positive person who is always on the go. You might seem hyperactive and that's okay for you since that's what gets you going. You are likely known for your energy. You probably use this gift to care for others more than yourself. People look up to you for your advice on important topics often since you are a willing listener.

6. Squirrel

If you have this unique set of asymmetrical but thick lashes, you have the squirrel eyelashes. It reveals that you are someone who is detail-oriented and creative. You are artsy but you like to keep a tight reign over your creations and projects. People might see you as a difficult boss, from time to time. However, you are just a perfectionist who wants things a certain way. It might seem that you are trying to tell others what to do but you just expect them to respect your boundaries.

Source: Getty Images | Illustration by Tatyana Kolchugina

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