Fun Test: What You See First in the Image Reveals Your Subconscious Fears in a Relationship

Fun Test: What You See First in the Image Reveals Your Subconscious Fears in a Relationship

Your subconscious mind is as powerful as your conscious one.

Most of us have felt our throats run dry and our heartbeats increase in a situation where we forget how to respond to certain situations. That feeling, often, is fear.

While some people can handle this feeling like pros, others struggle. They sometimes require some time, energy, and training to overcome it. But that too doesn't guarantee that they'll be free of their fears forever.

Many suffer from fear of heights, spiders, thunder, water, and such. The initial response that we have to such situations is because of our conscious mind that processes the surroundings and provides information to the brain to act accordingly. But all this while your subconscious mind is at work too.

According to Cognitive Healing, the traumas of childhood or fearful experiences can be embedded in our minds for years and can affect our life later. People who've endured bullying when they were young can have terrible anxiety attacks because of it years later. Since it's in the subconscious mind, they don't take effect immediately but show signs every now and then; for example, dreaming about something that can be uncomfortable for you when you're awake is the subconscious mind telling you that it knows what you have kept hidden from yourself.

Here is a fun test for you to find out what subconscious fears you have that you experience in a relationship. Look at the picture.

Source: Illustration

Now, what did you notice at the first glance? Was it the moon, the tree, the face, or the person?

Here's what each of it means.

1. The moon

Source: Illustration

The moon is a beautiful thing that illuminates even the night sky. But it can signify your subconscious fear of not being as attractive as your partner in a relationship. This can lead to feeling insecure and jealous. This is why you might feel that your partner won't love you enough but that's not true. As long as there's enough and more communication between you and your partner, no one can tear you apart.

2. The tree

Source: Illustration

The trees stand their ground for years and years until they're uprooted. If you saw the tree first, then you fear that you might lose control of your relationship. You being a strong individual, love your independence, and would stand your ground but the arrival of someone else in your space can make you anxious. But it should be kept in mind that you can still be in control of yourself if boundaries are created right in the beginning because personal space is very important in everyone's life.

3. The face

Source: Illustration

The face signifies that you fear you're not expressive enough with your partner or shy away from being communicative. Being an introvert, you choose how much you want to share with your partner and that makes you wonder if it's enough. Well, if your partner is alright with the interaction you have and doesn't complain, looks like you have the perfect person who respects your decisions.

4. The lone person

Source: Illustration

If you noticed the person on the cliff before anything else, most probably your subconscious fear is that you're always alone even though your partner is right there for you. Don't worry, a lot of us have this feeling and there's no problem in thinking that way. Just remember that your partner, if he's the right one, will be by your side in all your ups and downs without question.



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