Fun Test: What's on Your Subconscious Mind? This Freudian Test May Give You Deeper Insights Into Different Aspects of Your Life

Fun Test: What's on Your Subconscious Mind? This Freudian Test May Give You Deeper Insights Into Different Aspects of Your Life

"Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes of your body and knows the answer to all problems.”– Dr Joseph Murphy

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Your subconscious mind is basically the storeroom of your brain that has an unlimited capacity. So you can imagine why our brains can nowhere be compared to a computer when it comes to storage. According to Brian Tracy International, by the time a person is 21, the brain has permanently stored more than a hundred times of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.


The subconscious mind stores data and helps you respond to different situations the way you're supposed to. For example, when you stub your toe, you either scream or cry, that's your subconscious mind taking control of your body.



But it can still be a mysterious place because no one is aware of what's going on in their subconscious mind. So are you ready to find out what is lurking in your subconscious mind? So, grab your phones or papers, unlock the box of your imagination, and answer these simple questions.

1. You’re peering into the sea. What do you feel?

2. You’re walking in the forest and looking down at the ground. What do you see? Now write down the feeling you had.


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3. You watch seagulls flying above your head. How does this make you feel?

4. You’re looking at running horses. What emotions did you get?

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5. You’re in the desert, and there’s a wall in front of you. You can’t see the end of it. There’s a little hole in the wall. You see an oasis through it. What are you going to do?

6. While wandering around the desert, you suddenly find a jug full of water. What are your actions?

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7. You are lost in the forest at night. Suddenly you find a house with lights on. Think of what you’re going to do.

8. You’re in the fog, and you can’t see anything. What’s the first thing you want to do?

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Now that you've answered all the questions, let's find out what they mean. The questions may have been simple, but your answer to them hold a deeper meaning.


1. Your answer to the first question is your attitude to life, your emotions, and wants.

2. Your answer to the second question is the way you feel about your family.

3. The third is your attitude towards women.

4. The fourth answer signifies your attitude towards men.

5. Your fifth answer reveals your strategy for solving problems.

6. Your sixth answer shows how you choose your sexual partner.


7. The seventh answer reveals your readiness for marriage and starting a family.

8. Your eighth and the last answer shows attitude to death.

What did your answer reveal about your subconscious mind?

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist who founded psychoanalysis, a clinical method of treating psychopathology by creating a dialogue between a psychoanalyst and a patient, according to Wikipedia.

Sigmund Freud didn't exactly invent the idea of the conscious versus unconscious mind, but he certainly was responsible for making it popular and this was one of his main contributions to psychology.

According to Simply Psychology, Freud developed a topographical model of the mind using the analogy of an iceberg and described the three levels of the mind.

Conscious: The part of the mind that is aware of all the things. For eg, you eat food when you're hungry. It forms the tip of the iceberg.

Preconscious: This part of the mind contains the thoughts and feelings of a person that they're not aware of but can feel it at some point in the time. They remain within the confines of the mind, waiting, until they "succeed in attracting the eye of the conscious."

Unconscious: This part of the mind is not accessible to consciousness but can influence the way a person feels, behaves or judges. The unconscious mind is the core source of human behavior and according to Freud, you cannot see the most important part of the mind just like in the iceberg's case.

Freud with the help of this theory created his structure of personality or psyche.

When we talk about the subconscious mind, it is a bit different from the unconscious one. While the subconscious mind is part of the consciousness that we're not focused on, the unconscious mind consists of thoughts and processes that are affected by our past memory and motivation.




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