Fun Test: This Is What Your Favorite Holiday Reveals About You

Fun Test: This Is What Your Favorite Holiday Reveals About You

Sure, you like them all. But deep within, you know you have a favorite holiday, the one that turns you into an excited child again all over again. And here's what it says about you.

The smell of candy is already wafting through the air since Halloween just is around the corner. People are getting their costumes and decorations for their homes ready. Children are demanding to dress up like their favorite superhero. Not just that, everyone is preparing for the major holidays that are going to show up in no time. Recipes for Thanksgiving are being looked up and decorations and lights for Christmas must be coming out of the storage boxes.

The next few months are a time of fun, food, festivity, and family. Some love to get dressed up while others look forward to the turkey. Which festival you love reveals more about your personality:

1. Halloween

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If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you are probably intense and love dark things. You could be a thrill-seeker who wants to give vent to their deeper personas. You probably like the chance to become someone else for one night and put a lot of effort into your costume. It might also mean that you are still trying to figure out who you are as a person while also seeking attention. You like doing things that are unlike you from time to time and surprise people. You are still a child at heart and never want to give up that part of yourself.

2. Thanksgiving

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You love good food, family, and traditions. You love reconnecting with your extended family and sitting down together to spend time together, something you are not afforded the rest of the year. Not just that, you love taking care of people and put a lot of effort into it every step of the meal. You make sure that your guests are content by the end of the meal. This also makes you an organized perfectionist, who finds it hard to delegate responsibility. You want to be the sole in-charge and being busy with the preparations. A meal that turns out good is a source of pride for you. You bask in the glory of your skills.

3. Christmas/Hanukkah

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If you love Christmas, you are the person who observes their friends and families and remembers what everyone wants. You are the kind of person who can make anyone feel special. You hand-pick gifts that are meant to make people gasp and say, "How did you know!?" Apart from being great at giving gifts, you might be somewhat of a collector. You want your Christmas or Hanukkah to be perfect and look perfect too. You probably collect decorations throughout the year. You are also someone who likes to have a good time all year round.

4. New Year's

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If you love this holiday, you like to start new things all the time. You are someone who spends time reflecting on the year that has been and love having some downtime to yourself so that you can recharge for the rest of the year. You probably take small breaks throughout the year to recharge yourself so that you can go full throttle the rest of the time. You also like to count your blessings and set yourself up for new challenges. You are all about leaving the past behind and moving on for better pastures. You learn from old mistakes and believe in self-growth. You set personal goals and love the feeling of achievement when you finish one.





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