Fun Test: What Is Your Lockdown Personality? Answer These Questions to Find Out

Fun Test: What Is Your Lockdown Personality? Answer These Questions to Find Out

How you cope with the lockdown can reveal a lot about your personality. You could be an extrovert, an introvert, and a lot more.

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It seems like this quarantine has brought out the hidden side of everyone's personalities. Not everyone is panicking during the lockdown and not everyone is calm either. Some extroverts are having a really hard time as they are unable to step out of the house, while the introverts might be thriving as solitude is their fortress. Perhaps, the extroverts could take a page out of the introverts' lives and find ways to spend their time at home. However, it is possible that even introverts might find being locked in completely a tad bit hard if they are unable to meet their trusted circle.


Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, people are doing multiple things to distract themselves, which include making funny videos, video calling family and friends, cooking, or getting some other hobby. "The way that we're dealing with this crisis and self-isolation very much depends on our personality types," Liz Ritchie, a psychotherapist at St Andrew's healthcare in the UK, told Daily Mail.


Some of us are great at managing through a crisis, so even though we are stressed we are okay, while some might not be able to cope without distracting themselves from the pandemic. While others might be working out extra to burn their stress, there might be some who are taking this time to unwind.

If you want to know what your workout personality is, take the following quiz:


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1. What would you be like on day 20 of lockdown?

a. On Day 30 of getting-fit-at-home regime 

b. Learning how to make a pizza base from scratch 

c. Planning a virtual game night with friends

d. Curled up with a book

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2. When on a video call with friends and family, do you:

a. Plan virtual workout sessions with them

b. Show them your latest language skills - "Konnichiwa"

c. Wearing a full face of make-up and dressed in a great outfit

d. Switch off the video option since you can only dress up in sweats now 

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3. If you get a message or call from a friend about how they're feeling anxious, do you:

a. Tell them about the latest breathing techniques and Yoga positions that helped you

b. Tell them about all the dishes/quilts/sweaters you have made and suggest them to do the same

c. Listen to them and reassure them that the lockdown will lift soon

d. Ignore the call or message them hours later because you were taking a nap

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4. You've been at home for two weeks and watching the news has this effect on you:

a. It makes you want to go jogging around the block

b. It makes you want to take up a new skill you want to add to your belt

c. It makes you wonder if you will be able to manage through the next couple of weeks at home when there's nothing to keep you busy

d. It inspires you to find the books/movies you collected but never read or watched

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5. You have run out of essential groceries. What's your first thought when you realize you have to make a grocery run?

a. You are ready to make a workout out of this 

b. You look up new recipes and list down the ingredients you will need for them

c. You feel relief that you get to go out, even if it's just to the grocery

d. "Ugh. Why do I have to wear pants?"


1. Mostly As: You are the workout belle.

You love working out and staying fit. You can be either an extrovert or an ambivert, but you love staying alert and ahead. You enjoy being productive and are probably working through the lockdown. You are likely to have a 9-5 schedule you follow and don't want to falter from. It is possible that you work in a leadership position.

2. Mostly Bs: You are a hobby fanatic who finds it hard to sit still because of anxiety.

You don't know how to sit still and hate wasting your time. While you love staying busy, it's possible that you are not employed at the moment and for the first time have the time to do all the things you have always wanted to. Whether the skills you pick up can go in your resume or are for your own joy, you are ready to fight this isolation.

3. Mostly Cs: You are the crisis queen,

You might be an extrovert who likes planning parties, get-togethers, and more. Not being able to meet your family and friends could be taking a toll on you, but you keep in touch virtually with them. However, it may not feel the same and while you want to be there for others, it could be tiring you out. If you're stuck alone, this could be harder to deal with. So, you will have to learn to slow down and care for yourself now.

4. Mostly Ds: You are the introvert extraordinaire, who could be acing this easily.

While you love the quiet time you have to yourself, the loss of contact might be taking you away from reality. You need to prepare yourself for life after the lockdown as well. You might have a harder time adjusting to what happens when the lockdown gets over. After spending weeks with yourself, interacting with people, noises, and new environments might feel like a lot of stimulation at the same time. You could benefit from interacting with people virtually more.




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