Fun Test: Your Pen-Holding Style Could Reveal What Kind of Person You Are

Fun Test: Your Pen-Holding Style Could Reveal What Kind of Person You Are

How you hold a pen is actually a part of your body language and like any other subconscious gesture, this could also reveal details about your personality.

Pick up a pen. Now, look at your fingers. Why did you hold it the way you did? Have you ever pondered on the cues your brain gives your body which leads it to act a certain way? Well, the way your body behaves in certain situations or in general is called body language. And for ages now, body language experts read these cues to know more about a person, what they think, what their traits are, etc.

Turns out, the way you hold a pen or pencil could also reveal what kind of person you are. The way you grip your pen is actually the mirror of your personality. Here are certain styles in which people hold the pen and what it could tell about their personality.

A. Between the thumb, index, and middle finger

Between thumb, index, and middle finger

You are analytical and like to scrutinize things. You have a keen eye for detail and do not like making errors. That being said, there is also a lighter side to you when you just let go and shed off your inhibitions. There are days when you lay back and enjoy the sweet nothingness. Socially, you could be over-critical to people at times, and other times be very kind to them. It could be said that you portray two kinds of personalities and that makes you quirky and unique and very valuable to people.

B. Between middle and index fingers

Between index and middle finger

If you hold your pen as such, you love your life drama-free. You do enjoy a social life but refuse to take the dramatics that comes with meeting with and knowing a lot of people. You do not like carrying baggage or burdens with you because that is just not you. You believing in forgiving, forgetting, and moving on as you know that life is too precious to waste away sulking, instead, you want to absorb the goodness from each moment and live life to the fullest.

C. Thumb overlapping/covering fingers

Thumb overlapping/covering fingers

If you hold your pen this way it means that you are ambitious. You love to dream and think big and do not limit your imagination. Sometimes you do get carried away in your own thoughts and imaginations, that's why you love to be around people who make you feel secure and happy. You are also an over-thinker, you tend to over-analyze situations and come to conclusions that might make you anxious. This is another reason you want the cushion of a few good friends in your life who keep you calm and grounded.

You are sensitive too, it is easy to hurt you because you tend to take a lot of things to heart. This trait could give rise to insecurity and a need to be around people who take care of your emotions. But people who know you, know that you have an exceptionally tender heart and you will always be there when a friend needs you.

D. Between index finger and thumb

Between index and middle finger

You are a bit of a mystery. You are curious and want to learn about people and situations. You are an extrovert and like socializing, and more often than not, you are considered the life of a party. You are also knowledge-hungry - you want to learn about new things and new places. But there is an extremely contradicting side to you when it comes to expressing emotions. You tend to suppress feelings and suffer in silence when you are hurt. That could be because you do not want people to involve in your sorrows and want them to know you for the free-soul you are.

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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