These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Never Tolerate a Cheating Partner

These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Never Tolerate a Cheating Partner

While some believe in forgiving and forgetting, some people find it very hard to give second chances once their trust is broken by someone they thought was everything to them.

It's natural to encounter challenges in a relationship, especially when you've been with your partner for a long time. Failure to communicate, inability to connect, or constant conflicts, it could be any of those. However, one thing that is unforgivable is when a partner cheats, emotionally or physically. When a couple commits to each other, both partners expect loyalty from the other. When that trust is breached it can take a long time for the other partner to heal from it. Some people might forgive the partner who cheated while others can't see past the betrayal and have to end the relationship then and there.

Astrology can tell us a lot about who is more likely to forgive and forget and who will take it to heart. Here are five zodiac signs who will never tolerate a cheating partner:

1. Gemini

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These individuals take a long time to find the right person and when they do find them, they give them their entire trust and devotion. Geminis are loyal partners and won't cheat on their partner and expect the same. However, if they are cheated on they will go silent. They will immediately stop communicating with the person who betrayed them. They expect 100% commitment from their partner and if they can't have it, they will not think twice before leaving. They are likely to be very rational about their choice and not show emotions. Once betrayed, it might take them a long time before trusting another person again.

2. Cancer

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A Cancerian sees emotional cheating to be worse than physical cheating. They might even consider forgiving a partner who has only cheated physically, but if the partner was emotionally involved with someone else there is no going back. They will process their feelings emotionally. They will cry their hearts out and once they are done, they will move on quickly. The partner who betrayed them will not have another chance with a Cancerian because the Crab will shut them out entirely as if they never existed in their life at all. Nobody will be able to convince them to reconsider their decision. Nobody is obligated to forgive a cheating partner after all.

3. Virgo

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A nurturer by nature, a Virgo is completely lost and ends up feeling hopeless when they are cheated on. They are great problem solvers when it comes to the community, however, when a challenge like this arises at home they get bitter. They go into a negative spiral and end up thinking that every person is out to harm them. They will never be able to forgive their partner or themselves, for not expecting it. It doesn't matter if the cheating is physical or emotional, they will not be able to move on. They might try and discuss the situation with their partner if the cheating was emotional, to understand what led to it, but if it was physical, there will be no line of communication at all.

4. Scorpio

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Just like a real Scorpio, these individuals will be plotting on how to avenge being cheated on. They are not the kind of people who can forgive and forget. These folks will get angry instantly and remain so if their trust is betrayed. These are intense people guided by their emotions. There is no way that they would be able to forgive anyone who has cheated emotionally or physically on them soon. Sometimes, never. Loyalty is extremely important to them and they can find ways to punish their partner for betraying their trust if they choose to not end the relationship. People should think twice before crossing a Scorpio person.

5. Sagittarius

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Sagittarians are dreamers and romantics. They view their relationship with rose-tinted glasses but when that illusion breaks it is a hurt that they can't handle. They are monogamous individuals who will simply break emotionally if their partner betrays them. Their partner's betrayal would change them in fundamental ways and they may not be able to trust anyone again for a very long time. They will take this breach of trust to their heart and will wallow in their pain for a while. Once they are able to hold themselves up emotionally, they will cut out that partner out of their life entirely.




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