Fun Test: The First Three Words You See Reveals What Is Most Important To You in Your Relationships

Fun Test: The First Three Words You See Reveals What Is Most Important To You in Your Relationships

When we know what we want and look for, we can also work towards getting them. It's the same in a relationship.

Relationships can be tricky but that doesn't stop us from working at improving ours with people close to us. Just like other areas of our lives, we can set goals for our relationships as well. It might sound difficult to do or even a little clinical, but if we can have health or financial goals, then why not relationship ones. It can mean something as simple as improving our communication with our partners or other important folks in our lives.

Most of us focus on treatments when something goes awry between us and the people we love. However, we can also aim towards prevention just like any health issue. It might mean being a little more vigilant and catching the problems before they occur. For instance, if you are wondering about something being amiss because you weren't able to have an open conversation with your partner for several days, you could take action right then. You could ask them if something is wrong, if something is holding them back, or you could even just tell them that you are always available to listen to them. If they have something going on, they might just open to you. It can prevent misunderstandings and resentment in the future.

Even though a quarter of 2021 is over, it's never too late to identify the problem areas in your connection with people so they can be fixed. If you feel stuck in a certain space in your relationship, you could be aiming at growth in the coming year. Or, if you and your partner are working to make each other trust more, that would be your focus during the rest of 2021. Once you know what you want in a relationship, you can put in the work to get those things.

Visualize the goals for your relationship in 2021 and look at the puzzle below to find them. The first three words you see here can shed a light on the state of your heart:

Source: Illustration

Were you able to find the words that show what you look for in a relationship? Once you know that, you can start working on getting them. 

This is not a puzzle where you seek out all the hidden words. Let your inner voice guide you so you can find the things you want to focus on in your relationship for the rest of the year, or even your life! For many people, the past year has been a difficult one because of the hardships the pandemic brought. It drove many couples apart but that doesn't have to be your story.

It is possible to take back control and change the narrative of your personal life. Then, the circumstances won't dictate how your relationships progress. You can ensure that the foundations are so strong that nothing can rock it.

Cover image source: Illustration

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