Reduce Belly Fat with Just Three Spoons of This Garlic & Red Wine Drink

Reduce Belly Fat with Just Three Spoons of This Garlic & Red Wine Drink

Garlic and red wine contain compounds that help reduce inflammation and belly fat. The powerful duo can do wonders to your body.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on March 29, 2019. It has since been updated.

All you want to do after a busy day of work is to sit on your couch with a bag of chips, watching your favorite Netflix series...

The thought of going to the gym can sound impossible after the day's tight schedule at work. But it's not all bad news. A good diet can help promote fitness and healthy living. Certain foods when had in the right combinations and amounts can aid weight loss. Garlic and red wine are such two magic ingredients that can work wonders for your body.


A scientific study has revealed the benefits of garlic and red wine in belly fat reduction. If you have been struggling to reduce your belly fat but have had no time to hit the gym, this research can give you a sigh of relief.  The study published in the 2003 edition of Journal of Nutrition observed that wine drinkers who consumed at least one glass a wine a day was found to have lower abdominal fat than others. In another report, the consumption of garlic was found to reduce belly fats in people. The weird duo is found to be an excellent weight loss remedy.


Benefits of garlic

Garlic has been used in medieval times for its antibacterial properties. However, recently, the garlic has transitioned into a weight loss ingredient. Other than being a nutrient powerhouse, garlic has been proved to have compounds that aid fat burning. Garlic also makes food flavourful without adding many calories. Added to these properties, garlic helps in boosting immunity.  This wonder ingredient is found to reduce inflammation, lower heart disease and even protect you against osteoarthritis.


To reap maximum benefits out of garlic, the best way is to crush the fresh ingredient and allow them to rest under room temperature. Studies have shown that allowing the garlic to rest helps it to retain 70 percent of its beneficial natural compounds. The crushing of garlic releases an enzyme that is trapped in the plant cell. This enzyme is known to boost the levels of health-promoting compounds. These compounds are found to reach its peak after 10 minutes of crushing. However, cooking of garlic immediately after crushing leads to the death of these enzymes. 


Benefits of red wine

Studies prove that wine contains plant-derived chemical, called resveratrol which helps decrease inflammation and burn fats. The resveratrol plays a huge role in cutting down excessive fats. They regulate fat-secreted proteins that increase low-grade inflammation associated with belly fat and obesity. Red wine also contains antioxidants and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  However, note that any increase in the consumption of red wine should not be done without consulting a doctor. 


Red wine with garlic recipe

The combination of garlic and red wine increases the metabolism of an individual, thereby aiding weight loss. The ingredients have detoxifying and cleansing properties that allow the removal of harmful deposits from blood vessels. Three tablespoons of the red wine with garlic potion can help you burn your unwanted fats. 

Ingredients: 12 peeled garlic cloves and about half a litre of red wine

Cut the 12 cloves of garlic and place it in a jar. Pour half a litre of red wine over the cloves and place the jar exposed to sunlight for two weeks. Make sure to give the jar a shake every day to help mix the ingredients. At the end of two weeks, remove the jar, filter the liquid and store in a dark bottle for future use. 


Consume three tablespoons of this drink for your belly fat reduction. 








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