Gender Reveal Party Goes Hilariously Bad as Dad Accidentally Sets Off Smoke Bomb Into His Private Parts

Gender Reveal Party Goes Hilariously Bad as Dad Accidentally Sets Off Smoke Bomb Into His Private Parts

A Massachusetts couple wanted to share the joy of having another baby with their friends and family but ended up having a painfully funny moment.

Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days with parents adopting innovative ways to share their joy with the world. However, once in a while, things go over the top or out of hand and cause a mishap. A couple in Massachusetts got some laughs and one of them got a lot of pain when they tried to show the world that they are going to have a boy.

Tom and Kristin Cressotti, alongside daughter, Ella, hosted a backyard gender reveal on August 30 and the video from the party shows how things went out of hand. The Western Massachusetts couple held smoke bombs in their hands to announce the gender of their second child when things went awry. They hoped to create a beautiful visual by setting off those powder cannons into the air. Instead, one of them just got injured, according to Today.com.

Medical sales representative Kristin, 36, first fired the blue smoke bomb into the air then her real estate agent husband was to follow suit. Unfortunately, 43-year-old Tom had the bomb facing his crotch. Needless to say, his private parts faced the brunt of the blast. What more would you expect out of a smoke bomb that has the power to shoot the blue powder 30 feet up in the air?


"When my wife handed it to me, I asked her if it was the right way," Tom told TODAY Parents. "She assured me it was and even told me to hold it a little lower like the packaging shows," he added. 

Instead, his shorts were covered in blue powder as he doubled over in pain. Onlookers were initially shocked at what they saw but started laughing. The couple is having a son, which is indicated by the blue powder.

"The overall reaction was shock, followed by laughter. Once everyone knew we were all ok we had lots of laughs about the event. Unfortunately, the instructions in the box were unclear. We were apparently holding the powder cannons pointing in the wrong direction. When used correctly the powder should be dispersed 20-30 feet into the air. Since Tom's cannon was unknowingly pointing right at his genitals, he was directly blasted," added Kristin to Daily Mail.


"He was not permanently hurt by the accident and fully recovered within minutes. Tom was just shocked that we were holding them the incorrect way. Apparently, this was all my fault. Everyone was also very excited that we are having a baby boy. He is due on February 7, 2021, and we can't wait to meet him," she added.

Kristin told Today.com, "I knew it was wrong when the blue was on the ground and not in the air. Then I realized my daughter was covered in blue powder, then I saw my husband on the ground yelling at me, because it was apparently my fault he did it wrong."


Among cheers, one friend tells Tom, "No need for a vasectomy!" as the dad-to-be for the second time lies on the ground clutching his groin. It took him a while to see the humor in the situation. "I initially just panicked when it first went off, because I was afraid it had hit my daughter," Tom said. "Later, I was able to laugh at the situation, because no one got hurt," he added.

He further joked that it wasn't the first or last time that he was going to be hit in his private parts. "My daughter hits me there once a week probably," he said, laughing. "But it was my first, and last, explosive device to hit my testicles, that’s for sure," the dad added.


Since the video was uploaded, it has been shared almost 8,000 times and many people commented on it too. "That will be the last kid!" joked one person.

Gender reveal parties have been in the eye of a storm recently after a gender reveal party in California sparked a fire that burnt down 10,000 acres of land. According to CNN, The El Dorado Fire in Southern California's San Bernardino County was caused by a "smoke-generating pyrotechnic device" used at a party in El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa, fire investigators determined. 





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