Here's What the Tarot Has to Tell You This Full Moon of August 2019

Here's What the Tarot Has to Tell You This Full Moon of August 2019

General Tarot Reading for the fortnight [15 August to 30 August] following the Full Moon of 15 August 2019.

They say the full moon's a time to harvest. You reap what you've sown. Well, it's certainly true of this full moon. A project that's dear to you is either nearly complete or already complete and people are congratulating you for it. They're calling for a celebration and everything's just going great.

And yet, there you sit, smiling outwardly, but feeling rather... incomplete within. You're aware you pulled something off really well. You know you're good. But it's just not enough, is it? You know you're capable of a lot more. Even the way more is actually on its way, but you're just not willing to view the stage you're in as a milestone. Your eyes are set on the finish line and all that can come thereafter.

It's not a meaningless ambition, not in the least. It's a fierce drive to see your dearest project to its completion and beyond so that you can have that sense of fulfillment you've been yearning for. It's all about wanting something for yourself, something to call your own.

8 of Pentacles - Hard work, smart work, work work work

8 of Pentacles


You've been working on this diligently, silently. And now, it's all paying off. People are nodding in approval, they're eyeing you with admiration, they're raising a toast to you, and they're raising your hand in victory. Somehow, none of this matters to you. You're very grateful for it all, but you just feel like getting back to business instantly. You believe there's a lot more to be done.

The World - And... Done! Or Are You?

The World

If you're an artist, writer, editor or just a perfectionist, you know what it's like to "complete" a project. You feel it's never good enough. Even if you're not a perfectionist, this full moon is making you fuss over every little detail. It's like you've just delivered a baby and you can't help but make sure the little thing is very well taken care of. It might be just a day old, but you're hellbent on seeing it through adolescence already.


3 of Cups - Cheers!

3 of Cups

A toast! To you, and the project you pulled off! It's all drum rolls, party poppers and horns, and glasses clinking to a job well done. Everybody seems happy, don't they? Feels good.

4 of Cups - Not now...

4 of Cups

Everyone's happy, many are even happy for you. But someone's just sitting there, brooding how to get even farther ahead, and that someone's you. People are shoving metaphoric beer bottles under your nose, but your arms are crossed and your eyes locked on the path ahead. You're not really up for this celebration; you feel it's premature. Sure, you've come a long way, but you know there's a longer way to go. And you just want to get going.

4 of Wands - Foundation and stability. Period.

4 of Wands


Eyes on the prize. And what's the prize? Foundation and stability. Sure, the project has worked out. But the long-term rewards you're looking for aren't tangible things that people around you can celebrate. Much like happiness, it's a state of being you're after - a strong and centered life.

9 of Pentacles - Freedom and independence

9 of Pentacles

One of the things about success, be it personal or professional, is that it brings with it a certain level of freedom and independence. These two don't come until you reach an immense level of success, and you're acutely aware that you're not quite there yet. And it's where you seek to be. Keep going, and you will get there.

How does Tarot work?

If there's one question every tarot reader gets asked most often is, how can a bunch of cards hold answers to our deepest fears and confusion? Is it completely random or is it some kind of divine channeling of messages? Well, the answer? It's a bit of both.


Most readers are highly intuitive, sometimes psychic too. The vibrant, and often quite descriptive imagery of the Tarot is what helps paint a picture of what you can expect in the coming days, based on the reading. A truly skilled tarot reader will be able to bring clarity to your confusion and answers to your questions.

Every reader has their own preferences: some shuffle and pick the cards themselves (or ask you to pick if you're present), others shuffle extensively and wait until the cards fall out, flip, or fly out in the midst of shuffling on their own. I fall into the latter group of people. But regardless of the process that leads up to it, once the cards are laid out in front of you, they pretty much speak for themselves.

As for the choice of cards, this too depends on the reader's preference. However, the most popular of the lot, and also the most commonly used deck of cards in the Tarot is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Different decks come with different imageries and also have varied interpretations. Purely guided by intuition, readers can interpret the cards differently, though perhaps, we're all probably channeling the same message, really. The deck I've used for this reading is the classic Rider-Waite. The imagery in this deck is quite simple and clear enough for me to explain to just about anyone what they mean.


A tarot reading can be done for an individual, a couple and even a group of people. While there is no rule that dictates when and how you do a reading, there are readers who prefer to schedule it based on the lunar cycles, etc, to gauge the energies.

Tarot Reading by Anusha M Shashidhar:
She's a tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
You can follow her on Instagram: @anusha.m.shashidhar


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