11YO Girl Who Lost Her Leg Goes Door-to-Door Delivering Christmas Cards to Bring Some Cheer to the Lonely

11YO Girl Who Lost Her Leg Goes Door-to-Door Delivering Christmas Cards to Bring Some Cheer to the Lonely

She wanted to put a smile on the faces of disabled people by sending them Christmas cards she filled herself.

It's that time of the year again. Everywhere you go, there's a festive cheer that's only found in December. But not everyone has the chance to step outside and experience it, especially the ones who are confined to their homes due to physical challenges. While some receive Christmas cards from their families, others are left having no one to share the meal with. But one 11-year-old girl, who understood and pain that comes from feeling lonely during this time of the year wanted to do something to make them feel less alone.

Angel Farley was born without a femur and hip socket, which means her lower leg was attached directly to her hip. She had to undergo a surgery to remove her limb. In a world where negativity and sadness is in abundance, not only did Angel stay hopeful herself but also took it on herself to make strangers' smile this Christmas. During her treatment, she saw people donate for her cause and therefore, she wanted to reciprocate by spreading love and joy to differently abled people.

Farley, along with her nine-year-old sister wrote over a thousand Christmas cards with the intention to pay a visit to the lonely residents in her town and personally deliver them, according to a report by The Metro.


The little girl came up with the idea of sending out cards to people outside her class and in turn told her mother Holly that she would also like to write cards and deliver them to differently-abled people. "It just got me thinking. I spoke with Angel about the idea of asking on Facebook if anyone would like a card from her," said Holly. "That’s when she told me she thinks it would be nice to send cards to other people with disabilities and other people who might be forgotten at Christmas. It just went from there," She added.

The family spent more than 60 hours filling out 1,064 cards. The message on the card reads: "From our house to yours. Happy Christmas. Love from Angel and family."

Angel and her little sister Mikayla, patiently wrote all the cards with love, said Angel's father Rob. "We don’t want it to become a chore, so we only do it when the girls want to. Angel and her nine-year-old sister Mikayla sit at a little table and fill them in, bless them," said Rob.


This intiative was widely loved and supported. It also got a cheer from parents of autistic kids who said that their children feel left out many a time during the holiday season.

"It’s all about making people smile at Christmas. We go around the village as a family most evenings. Sometimes Angel finds it difficult to access properties because of her disability, but she does her best," said Holly.

The mother-of-four also referred to what Angel went through last year. "After what we went through last year we feel so lucky to have Angel with us. We are so happy to be able to give something back to the people in the village. It’s a really special community," she wrote in a Facebook post.

It was last year that Holly's parents took the tough and heart-breaking decision of amputating the portion above her left knee, in order to improve her mobility. "She used to do what we called a 'pirate walk.' She had to swing her leg out sideways which made her hip swing and caused her spine to curve. She wore a prosthetic leg as well, but it had to be straight," said Holly.


Angel contracted an infection but nothing stopped her from spreading festive cheer. "During her recovery, people in the village we had never met donated money for Angel. It was a real eye-opener. We felt like we needed to do something to show our appreciation so decided to expand the card giving," said Holly.

She is, by all means, an angel!



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