6YO Girl Fighting Cancer Has Her Dreams of a Holiday Shattered by Scammers Who Disappear with the Family’s Money

6YO Girl Fighting Cancer Has Her Dreams of a Holiday Shattered by Scammers Who Disappear with the Family’s Money

They had paid for hiring two caravans in the coastal area of Butlin's caravan resort, but the person who took the money vanished, and the current owner seems to have no information about them.

A stranger broke a family of five's heart when he scammed them off a holiday they had been looking forward to. The family had already suffered a lot after their youngest was diagnosed with cancer, and for a man to take away their one dream of giving their daughter a relaxing break was devastating. 

The family was scammed of £1,700, the amount they paid for a holiday to Butlin's in Skegness. They had paid that amount so that they could take the six-year-old girl there after she completed her cancer treatment. It was going to be a treat for Skye Brierley, who was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma - rare cancer that led to an inoperable brain tumor.


They paid the rent for two caravans to a couple that claimed to own them. The couple disappeared with the money and the Brierley family haven't been able to contact them since. The real owner of the caravans has also been scammed, he says, according to Lincolnshirelive UK. The police are investigating the matter now, but the family's hopes have already been crushed. 

The holiday held a special meaning in their heart as they had visited the same caravan two years ago before her diagnosis. The couple that scammed them knew that their daughter had cancer as they have previously booked and canceled a trip due to Skye's condition. This location holds a special place in their heart and they wanted to revisit. 


Even though they were heartbroken that their little girl faced a life-threatening disease they wanted her to fight it. She even had to travel all the way to Florida in 2018 for proton beam therapy after nine rounds of chemo! This trip was going to be the first since her health improved. She has two siblings, Damien, 10, and Kira, 15. They have been through a lot as a family and everyone was looking forward to this little retreat that would have helped let off steam.


"Skye is absolutely gutted too. I think it is absolutely disgusting, it's the fact that he has done it to a little girl who has been fighting cancer. You see it happening to other people, you don't expect it to happen to you," said the mom, Ruth, 44.


"How much bad luck can one family have? When I realized we had been scammed, I was absolutely distraught," the mother from Blackpool, Lancashire, told Mirror UK. All their relentless efforts to get the money back have failed so far. She said that she tried to contact the "owner" multiple times but hasn't been able to get through. Now the Fraud Intelligence Bureau of London Police is looking into it.


The previous owner of the caravan said it is no longer his and Action Fraud was investigating about his lost money. He has denied taking the £1,700 from the family of five. The man told Mirror UK, "We have been scammed - we took several holiday bookings in good faith."




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