The Heartwarmingly Sweet Gesture That Made Goldie Hawn Fall in Love with Kurt Russell over 30 Years Ago

The Heartwarmingly Sweet Gesture That Made Goldie Hawn Fall in Love with Kurt Russell over 30 Years Ago

There was one common thing between the two veteran actors and that helped them lay a strong foundation of their relationship of practically a lifetime.

Long-lasting Hollywood marriages may surprise people but it cannot be denied that they are inspiring and earnest. When two people decide to be with each-other despite distractions and disturbances, it speaks volumes about their devotion towards one another and the belief in the beauty of commitment. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of the most endearing and inspiring couples. With their refreshing yet old school approach towards their relationship, they have taken a strong step in redefining love and the norms associated with it.

The duo met each other on the sets of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1986. But this wasn't the time for them, she was 21 and he was 16. She thought he was "much too young" for her. Therefore, they parted ways without having the slightest idea about what awaits them in the future.


They met again, and this time, the chemistry was undeniable, the rest, as they say, is history. But what changed? What made them realize that they are the ones for each other? According to USA Today, in the first episode of their podcast, "Sibling Revelry", Hawn's children, Kate and Oliver Hudson from her ex-husband, Bill Hudson revealed the moment they discovered a very strong common trait among them and they madly fell in love.


Oliver said, "There's a really beautiful story ... about when Pa and Ma went on their first date and saw us sleeping." Kate and Oliver were 3 and 6 respectively when Hawn and Russell first went out on a date. "It was the first time she brought him to the house, it wasn't the first date," confirmed the now 40-year-old actress. "Mom said that's when she fell in love with Kurt – right away was because she brought him back to the house and we had already been asleep, and we shared a room... and he sat down next to each of us, he sat down next to you first and watched you sleep and then came by," said Kate. She recalled Russell watched her sleep more than Oliver and joked it might have been because she was "younger and probably cuter."


β€œHe did stay there for a long time,” said Kate and Oliver. They added that while it was a small incident, it made Hawn fall completely in love with Russell because he knew the importance of family and it was enough to make her feel secure.

The siblings further went on to discuss the first time they met Russell's son Boston. "I remember the first time I ever saw Boston. It was the first time I remember Kurt talking about his son and I remember it was almost like, for me, it felt like such a big moment. It was like 'My mom is obviously madly in love with this guy,' and for me at the time it's like 'Is this going to be my dad?' and I was meeting his son which meant ... does this mean this is my brother?'" said Kate. She even added that it "was a lot to handle at such a young age."


After 35 years of committed togetherness, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have proved that when two people want to be with each other there is no need for external validation. Their acceptance for one another had led their children to believe in them. Not being married has never stopped Kate and Oliver Hudson from seeing Russell as their father.



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