Wild Horse Senses That His Long-Lost Soulmate Is Pregnant with His Baby, Gallops Toward Her Elated with This Heartwarming Gesture

Wild Horse Senses That His Long-Lost Soulmate Is Pregnant with His Baby, Gallops Toward Her Elated with This Heartwarming Gesture

Their happiness is what defines the love that binds all life on this planet.

We often tend to make harsh opinions about love and its impact based on our minuscule experiences without even trying to seek out its most pure and divine forms. Unfortunately, we miss out on numerous signs and messages from the universe that could open our eyes to much higher forms of feelings, emotions, and energies than the ones we experience in our day to day lives.

As human beings, many times we use words to hurt each other or fail to use them properly to express our innermost feelings. Animals, on the other hand, use their senses in a more efficient way to not only pass on their energies to their kinds but also educate us humans on how to convey feelings in a touching manner. Based on a 2017 event involving two horses, one could easily submit that gestures of love are way more impactful than words that easily fall prey to manipulation.

Goliath, a handsome black horse was living his life of love with his soulmate, Red Lady, in a holding pen when one day a government helicopter flew over their herd and decided to transport them to various protected regions and sanctuaries to allow ranchers more space for their herds.


When the day of separation finally arrived, 26-year-old Goliath tried frantically to keep his herd together but failed. His mate Red Lady and he separated with no hopes of seeing each other again. Goliath ended up at a holding facility in Utah. Red Lady was transferred to the Skydog Ranch in Oregon, reports Little Things.

But where there is love there is always a silver lining. The founder and president of the Skydog Ranch, Clare Staples, was touched by Red Lady and Goliath's story and wanted to do all she could to bring them together again. But it was not an easy task as "often the horses rounded up have no history documented on them to figure out what stallion is with what mares and family bands are almost impossible to reunite," says the website of Skydog Ranch.


After tireless efforts, Clare and her team arranged a transfer of Goliath to Skydog Ranch and waited with bated breath to see their reaction on seeing each after a long time. They weren't sure if the old mates will remember each other after six months apart. But what happened next was a tear-jerking moment.


“These two horses had been together in the wild for years but it was possible that they would not remember each other and be indifferent BUT when Goliath spotted Red Lady he ran the entire length of three football fields to reach her,” Skydog recounted. “It was the most incredible sight and if anybody ever doubted the bonds these horses make they were gone after this reunion.”

What made the action even more special was the fact that Red Lady was pregnant. Goliath galloped to his soulmate elated and nudged her belly with his nose as if he could sense that she was pregnant! Red Lady had been carrying his baby all along. Like old times, they galloped away together in glee but this was special because they were to welcome their foal together. Let's hope they never have to be separated again!

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