Disabled "Lonely Nan" With Dementia Who Waves at Passersby Every Day Is Moved When One of Them Sends Her a Touching Surprise

Disabled "Lonely Nan" With Dementia Who Waves at Passersby Every Day Is Moved When One of Them Sends Her a Touching Surprise

All she did was smile and wave at others, no matter how sad and lonely she was inside. What she got in return was waves of kindness and love.

Christmas isn't just about being with your loved ones and making new memories with them. It's about spreading joy, being kind and sharing your love with even strangers. And it is this feeling that one "lonely" grandmother suffering from dementia had the chance to experience on the holiday. It was something that truly made her day.

For months, this grandmother would sit next to her window and wave and smile at those crossing the street next to her house. And unbeknownst to her, she had made a friend because of her sweet gesture.

One day, an unexpected but touching card came for her, according to Metro UK. It read, "To the lady who waves and smiles, with Christmas wishes. It’s nice to see you smile and wave when I walk past your house. Please accept my small token gift to give you another reason to smile." The card had arrived with a Sainsbury's (supermarket) gift voucher and signed off with a kiss by an unknown person whose only identification was her first name — Leigh.

Her granddaughter, Melly, took to Twitter to share this beautiful moment and to that the person who made her grandmother smile. She explained that her "nan" was disabled and had dementia and that she felt lonely when they all went to work.


This warm gesture did not go unnoticed as the tweet has received more than 17k retweets and more than 177k likes. People even took to posting pictures of their furry friends as a way to spread kindness and love in an effort to make this grandmother feel happy.

One user commented after posting a picture of them and their pup:


Another user wished the grandmother a Merry Christmas with her two one-eyed cats:


This response was overwhelming for Melly, according to Mirror UK. She wrote in a tweet, "My notifications have gone wild. Can’t wait to tell Nan how many people have wished her well and show her all the gorgeous pups and cats you’ve shared. We’re all buzzing that you’ve enjoyed Leigh’s kindness as much as we have and I hope she gets to find out, too."

The young granddaughter even mentioned the change that had overcome her grandmother after such a response. As an answer to someone's tweet writing "Lovely this.", she said,


More than that though, people who've seen this post are on the hunt to track down the mysterious "Leigh" in an effort to truly thank her for showing such amazing Christmas spirit. Some of the comments included, "The internet needs to find Leigh and give that person everything they want this festive season! And happy Christmas nan," "This is beautiful. Gives me hope that there’s still some decent people in the world. Merry Christmas to your nan from Scotland," and "Oh for a world with more leighs [sic] and waving, smiling nans in it."

Additionally, when Melly was asked if others could send in their own greeting cards, she was all for it but also requested that people use this opportunity instead to donate to the fight against Alzheimer's.


So, though Christmas day is over, the season for love and kindness isn't. Keep spreading the warmth and happiness. You never know, one kind word or a touching gesture can make someone's day a lot brighter. Merry Christmas!






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