Grandpa Steps out to Buy Mother's Day Gift for His Wife of 64 Years | Gets Beaten up in Parking Lot

Grandpa Steps out to Buy Mother's Day Gift for His Wife of 64 Years | Gets Beaten up in Parking Lot

All he wanted to do was honor the woman who stood by his side for decades, loved him and raised his children by getting her a giftUnfortunately, the day didn't go as planned for the sweet old man.

We all hope to one day find the person that will stand by us through thick and thin. Someone who will grow old with us. Someone who will love us as intensely and unconditionally as we do them. While most of us spend our entire time looking for them, some people strike gold. Those people have found the one with whom wrinkles and slightly trembling hands are a part of their journey together.

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The best part? Their love for each other never reduced in all those decades. If anything, it just got stronger. No force could ever tear them apart and there is no better example of that than the love between 88-year-old Robert Rodriguez and his wife.

They've been married for 64 years, a longevity that many couples strive for. Of course, Rodriguez didn't make it this far with the love of his life by forgetting her birthday and their anniversary. So it's not a surprise that he remembered to honor the mother of his children for Mother's Day. Wanting to show exactly how much he appreciated his wife's hard work in having to raise his children and still manage to stand strong, he decided to gift her something special. So he headed to the store but that trip didn't turn out to be as smooth as he had expected.

According to ABC News, the senior left his house in the morning to run a couple of his usual errands. On the way, he decided that he wanted to get his wife a Mother's Day gift and went and bought his loving wife a new pair of pajamas. However, on the way back, he was faced with an unexpected encounter.

He got mugged. He was attacked by a man who demanded his wallet.


Rodriguez, shocked at what was happening, was scared. "I was still in the car when this guy appeared from someplace and put a gun in my side and asked for my wallet. I pretended I didn't understand. Finally, he told me to get out of the car [and he said] give me your keys; give me your keys," Rodriguez told ABC News. Frightened for his life, the elderly man handed over his keys. However, the assailant knocked him down as he was leaving, causing Rodriguez to suffer bruises on his elbow, and his car was found less than a mile away from where he was attacked.


"He could've shot," said Rodriguez who was thankful that nothing worse happened. More than that though, he was grateful and relieved that he could still present his love with the pajama set he had picked. He said, "I went this morning and got them."

If that isn't true love, then what is? But it is unfortunate that such a sweet and gentle soul had to go through the trauma of getting attacked.





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