Choose the Ideal Parting for Hair Based on Face Shape to Enhance Features

Choose the Ideal Parting for Hair Based on Face Shape to Enhance Features

Sometimes, it's the simple things that can make your true beauty shine and help boost your confidence.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 12, 2020. It has since been updated.

Hair is one of the most appealing assets of a woman. When styled in the right way, it can highlight your features and enhance your innate beauty. And the way you part your hair can make you look striking and truly help turn heads when you walk into a room. But how do you know which hair parting suits your face? To know that, you'll have to find out what your face shape is. Here is a guideline to help you using two simple methods:


1. Using your phone, take a picture of your face while your hair is tied back. Once you see the photo, trace the outside of your face and look at the shape it resembles the most.

2. Picture three horizontal lines running across your face. One line from brow to brow, one line from cheekbone to cheekbone, and the final line, from one end of your chin to the other end. Then picture one vertical line running from the middle of your hairline to your chin. Measure these. Once done, you should be able to see a clear shape — that is your face shape. For example, a face with a narrow forehead and chin while having wide cheekbones could mean that you have a diamond face shape.


So which hair parting truly suits your face?

1. Oval

Oval — Illustration

If you have equal widths of your forehead and jaw but have wider cheekbones and the length of your face is a little more than the breadth with rounded edges, you have an oval-shaped face. You technically have a well-balanced face but a center hair parting can put any asymmetry in your face in the spotlight. Instead, opting for a deep or slightly off-center hair parting can be very flattering for you. Even a slicked-back ponytail that hides your part or blunt bangs are suitable.

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2. Round

Round — Illustration

If you have equal widths across the three horizontal lines which is also equal to the breadth of your face and have curved cheeks, then you have a round-shaped face. Curtain bangs that are parted in the center and angled down towards your jawline can make your face look longer. A deep side part that shows off just a bit of your forehead can make others focus on the middle of your face instead of the rounded cheeks, as well. Additionally, creating more volume at the top of your head with the side part can make your face seem longer. 

Mila Kunis — Getty Images (Frazer Harrison)


3. Diamond

Diamond — Illustration

If you have a long face with equal widths of your forehead and jaw and the widest point of your face being your cheekbones, then you have a diamond-shaped face. For this gorgeous face shape which a sharp chin and high cheekbones, the hair parting is up to you. Based on how you want to highlight these features, you can either go for a side part that can soften your face or a center part that can sharpen your face. Your personality plays a role too as a center part is sleek and chic while a side part is soft and classic.

Angelina Jolie — Getty Images (Ernesto S. Ruscio)


4. Heart

Heart — Illustration

If you have equal widths of the forehead and cheekbones which are longer than that of your jawline and your face is longer than wider, then you have a heart-shaped face. Since the middle of your hairline might be pointy, a center part can make it seem even more so and draw attention to the middle of your face. However, a slight side part can balance out your features and soften the harsher points of your face.

Eva Longoria-Parker — Getty Images (Pascal Le Segretain)


5. Square

Square — Illustration

If you have equal widths and length according to the four lines and have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and wide jaw, then you have a square-shaped face. Middle parts and blunt bangs can put your strong jawline in stark highlight which would look great if you preferred it that way. However, a deep or slight side part can soften those edges, especially if you have shorter hair. Soft and wispy are the keywords.

Jennifer Aniston — Getty Images (Gregg DeGuire)


6. Rectangle

Rectangle — Illustration

If you have equal widths but the length of your face is longer and have a strong jawline, then you have a rectangle-shaped face. To highlight this beautiful face, a hair part that covers your forehead from the side can truly enhance your features and soften the edges of your face. And based on how long and thick your hair is, a diagonal or zigzag part can also do the same.

Reese Witherspoon — Getty Images (Alberto E. Rodriguez)